Marketing Advice From Chris Gilmour Top Agent On The Australian Gold Coast

April 25th, 2012

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10 Responses to “Marketing Advice From Chris Gilmour Top Agent On The Australian Gold Coast”

  • The next big thing in real estate marketing: the doggycam.

  • The censorship on this blog is amazing.

    Must have hit a nerve with the last post.

  • The creativity coming out of Australia and New Zealand are top notch! Makes the US real estate marketing look boring.

  • LOL Nutters! At least with those sort of vids, you’ll be popular:-)

  • David – when I first learned a little web design and Photoshop back in the late ’90’s I featured ‘cat cam’ on my web site. I took a closeup photo of the back of my cat’s head, as if the camera was mounted on its back. I’d layer this ‘head and ears’ onto photos from around the house and yard, taken at cat height. Good times…;-D

  • FlameTree – the property shot by the dog sold for above asking a minute ago. Thanks Larry.

  • Brett, are you addressing me? If so, my comment was tongue-in-cheek, not sarcastic. I thought the doggycam was funny. Must I append a πŸ™‚ all the time?
    I thought the video was silly (as intended, I believe) and mildly amusing. If it works for marketing, then it works, and that is all there is to it.

  • Absolutely agree with Brad Officer, this is the type of creativity that moves property. The days of using print ads as the only means to sell real estate are in the past…

  • Hi David Eichler. Not all mate. Not offended a bit. I just think its hilarious we invest $100,000 on a RED Epic and go strap a GoPro2 to a dog and the home sells in 24 hours. It is always down to the idea.

  • Just another great video. It demonstrate that out of the box and innovative marketing really works.
    It’s not about “showing” the property. It’s about attracting more customers. It really did a poor job showing the house and I think that was the objective. It just presented it. People are curious and will want to known much more about it. It’s viral. He knowns it has to constantly invent new things to avoid being always the same. He truly is one step above all others.
    I bet this video generated a lot more potential buyers then a suberb video with lot’s of fancy lights HDR and stuff like that. And in the end it might have costed a fraction of it.

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