Finally- A Reasonable Design For Wireless Control of DSLRs

April 25th, 2012

Nikon recently announced the WU-1a which is a $60 USD plugin device for the Nikon D3200 only that can send photos to an android device via Wi-Fi and  let the Android device act as LiveView and control.

The video to the right shows the $60 USD Android App in operation.

To me this shows that Nikon is at least on the right track unlike the outrageous $699 USD Canon WFT-E4. Give me a break! I can get a Wi-Fi dongle for my Tivo, my photo frame and everything else, why would anyone pay $699 for a Wi-Fi interface to their DSLR? It’s a puzzle to me why it took so long for camera manufacturers to figure out that users want to control their DSLRs with SmartPhones.

The next test for Nikon is will they just start building this Wi-Fi functionality into all models as they come out.

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9 Responses to “Finally- A Reasonable Design For Wireless Control of DSLRs”

  • Now they just need this for Canon & IOS.

  • What baffles me is the price difference between the $790 WT-5A for the Nikon D4 and this $60 WU-1a for the D3200???
    Ok the WT-5A is more powerful, let you control up to 10 D4/WT-5A, PC Mode etc. but common, it’s like you are paying the development cost! I mean the technology is the same…
    Another question is why is such I tiny cheap chip not integrated in the camera’s? Hello 2012??
    Now that Nikon finally is opening the path Canon and others will have to follow. I bet all new cameras will have this feature and like you said Larry….. it’s about time!

    Anyway, the Nikon D3200 / WU-1a combo looks like a VERY nice PAP setup, if they don’t wait to long supporting IOS.

  • I was just remembering the earthquake and the flood last year. Complete Nikon plants had been destroyed.
    Sometimes we don’t realize how much mother nature can affect our economies.

  • I agree with the previous posts. It is no longer “rocket science” to provide a wireless interface. I would love to see Nikon and other manufacturers provide this capability, even to older models. I have devices to control the camera remotely that are extremely intelligent. It is just a matter of adding the wireless interface to the current wired capability. Kudo’s to Nikon for starting a trend of affordable wireless control.

  • a wifi chip is like 5$ to the OEM. the problem for doing this kind of wireless controls is that dslr manufacturers use proprietary signals. So, it’s very easy to make a wifi trigger or something like that but more complex things are way too difficult because someone has to hack those signals and software. that’s why dslr manufacturers can charge what they want. Because there’s no other viable alternative.

  • I don’t understand them…

  • 1000% more expensive…maybe it should have been called a WTF-E4

  • Hopefully Canon follows suit. This is a step in the right direction. I sometimes use DSLR remote pro, but you have to be connected via a USB. Wireless is the next wave. Can’t wait until Canon has a affordable solution!

  • Can’t wait until Canon follows suit… This is great for real estate photographers. I use DSLR Remote Pro sometimes, but you have to sync with a USB cable. Wireless is the next wave.

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