This Week in Real Estate Video #4

April 20th, 2012

It’s time again for this week in real estate video. Here are my 6 choices from the nearly 40,000 real estate videos that were uploaded to YouTube this week. This week I was thinking about including video from other hosting services, but after my realization that I talked about yesterday about the significance of YouTube in the scheme of real estate video I’ve decided to focus this feature only on YouTube.

It’s getting more difficult to choose these things. The variety is enormous. One of the aspect of several of these that caught my attention was how important the narration by someone who is comfortable on camera. This aspect is so important that it in some cases  carries the video when the camera work is not spectacular. Jack Corbit of REsolutions is and example. Jack has a similar camera presence as Julie Kinnear does. Both Jack and Julie hold  your attention and get their message across even though they are shooting themselves and not editing. I think the audio and a good on camera personality is more important than sophisticated camera work and editing. Tony Meier’s work (in #6) is a good mix of good camera personality and very respectable camera and editing work.

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4 Responses to “This Week in Real Estate Video #4”

  • Larry,

    While I, and I’m sure others, appreciate these post, is there any way that you can embed the youtube movies after the jump to the single post or at least not on the front page? More often than not the size freezes and my browser crashes, and if that doesn’t happen, my browsers slows to a crawl for a minute while everything loads, which makes visiting the site nearly unbearable. And my computer is a 2010 17″ mbp that is specd pretty well.

  • @Mike

    Videos and site load fine on my computer, no issues at all (and my computer is 6 years old). Doesnt matter what year your computer is from, something is clearly wrong with yours or your browser is having issues.

    Not sure if you have a ton of browser windows open, if so maybe close some rather than ask Larry to change the way he has it posted (which seems to work fine for the majority)

  • Really appreciate you watching those 40,000 videos for us, Larry! 🙂 Seriously, it’s nice getting right to some of the best. I like this post.

  • @Norm- Yea, my eyes are still bloodshot from all those videos. By the way, I was glad to see you have a Youtube version ( of your original classic “Unbelievably Bad Real Estate Photos Hall of Fame” ( from 2007. The post I did in 2007 of your little visual tour has been one of the most popular posts on the blog.

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