The Importance of Using YouTube For Real Estate Marketing

April 19th, 2012

In the process of researching real estate video on YouTube for the weekly post that I’ve been doing for the last three weeks I’ve become increasingly amazed by the massive, world wide acceptance and usage of YouTube for marketing real estate. I just noticed that in the last 7 days there have been roughly 32,800 YouTube videos that have the search string “real estate video”. I’m slowly coming to the realization that YouTube video may very well be the most significant development in real estate marketing since the invention of the big news print MLS book of the 1980’s.

Also in a previous post I mentioned that when selling a rental property in Snoqualmie, WA that we had I discovered that the YouTube video that Malia made for me, of the property I sold had higher google ranking than my property site that had the address in the domain name.

In the process of trying to get my head around this phenomena I stumbled across this video which adds to my believe that a YouTube video with some links, to a listing that has text and still photos, in the description text is probably the most important thing you can do to market a property these days.

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6 Responses to “The Importance of Using YouTube For Real Estate Marketing”

  • It is not surprising that the YouTube video had a higher google ranking than the individual site. The attached video discussed it from an SEO perspective and the phenominal hits and searches done on YouTube, it overlooked one area. In 2006, Google bought YouTube and it continues as a subsidarary of Google today. As such, Google has an incentive to build the algorythm to support it’s subsidarary. When a Youtube video is appropriately titled as search friendly, it will come up higher on the initial search…and pushed as an alternative if viewing a different video.

    While MLS/IDX ban YouTube links due to the lack of control of the pushed videos, the smart Realtor uses YouTube independent of MLS/IDX. It is to their advantage to have a branded YOuTube video. If you don’t come up first in the search, you stand a chance of being one of the alternatives pushed. I may be coining a phrase here- shotgun marketing – saturate with multiple avenues pushing the same property – particurally if free, like YouTube. MLS, IDX syndication, personal video hosting (iPlaherHD, Wellcomemat etc) where you have controls, YouTube – just because, and any other electronic mass media outlet/duplication that you can think of, all above and beyond print materials.

  • It’s no surprise that Google would rank Youtube vids higher than any others.

  • The interesting part? This video is exactly TWO YEARS OLD! Those numbers are no longer relevant at all – and they’re still pretty impressive! Imagine what it is in 2012!

  • Buying or selling a home is not only visual, it’s also emotional. Consumers are demanding video, I know I would prefer a video over 20 pictures laid to a soundtrack. In Dec 2011 at the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, YouTube said “90% of all web traffic will be video”. The real estate agents that do not embrace and learn about using video to get found online and convey value, run the distinct risk of being being irrelevant. Adapt or die. Period.

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