This Week In Real Estate Video #3

April 13th, 2012

Time for a review of some interesting real estate video on YouTube in the last week. These videos are a mix of video that readers point out to me throughout the week plus video that I have turned up myself.

The first two are both pointed out by readers. In the ResidentialPhotos one  Vivian Snyder is the listing agent and is seems very comfortable on camera and Heath says she came up with the story line for the video. The HomeCookingMN one is an interesting slant on showing off a home and providing a recipe as well.

YoChicago1 was not done this last week as all the others were but it’s an interesting pitch for why real estate agents should use video.  is a Chicago real estate site that is heavily into the use of video.

The NoogaHomeGuide video needs some work but it gave me a a good chuckle that’s why I included it. The jbrennan20 is from an agents video blog. This is the third or fourth agent video blog where the video is done in the car while driving. This probably should be illegal. I’m not sure what the point of doing video while driving your car is… maybe the message is suppose to be, “I’m so busy with business, the only time I have to do this is while I drive!”.

The last one is very unique. It’s for an apartment in Ho Chih Minh City (formerly known as Saigon), done in Vietnamese. Google will translate the text if you like. This style is very punchy and short.

ResidentialPhotos HomeCookingMN YoChicago1
NoogaHomeGuide jbrennan20 cuongphongus
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5 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #3”

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  • When I saw NoogaHomeGuide all I could think was this is how not to shoot a real estate video. Walk around a house and highlight all the flaws you see with terrible camera work.

    Comparing videos you will notice the ones that spent time on the audio. People will often forgive some bad footage but bad audio tends to really bother them. This is mainly an observation from documentaries, but in reality that is what these are, mini documentaries of a home. The home cooking videos were both well miked while the ‘Why Real Estate Video’ had mainly a hollow room sound from using the on camera mic. A good mic makes a world of difference and makes the video seem so much more professional.

  • @greg- Excellent observation!

  • Very interesting selection Larry: I see the value of including the agent in the video but from a production point of view, what with numerous edits and sound sync issues, the need for proper sound recording equipment (like lapel mics), coupled with the fact that you may need to try several takes with an inexperienced presenter, I worry about the time involved in such a production for real estate. The Yo chicago videos are conversational and relaxed but nonetheless I don’t think we can sacrifice quality/ professionalism for a moment. I would be inclined to get the agent to read a script, record that once and well and off camera, and then use that as a voiceover to the series of room shots for a simpler editing process. If video is to be useful tool to us RE shooters, it has to be editable in a hour or less, otherwise we simply won’t be competitive. It’s hard enough to get the numbers to stack up for stills!

  • YoChicago’s videos have a quality that says ‘wide angle’ but the verticals don’t curve the way you might expect.

    Also, the way they ‘swoop’ around is both pleasant and disturbing.

    At the risk of asking a stupid question, do you have any idea what kind of equipmenty they’re using?

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