And Now For Something Completely Different In Real Estate Video

April 11th, 2012

Today is the day for a short post because I’m sick in bed with some kind of nasty bug.

Here is a humorous little video done by  Chris Gilmour who is the number one real estate agent in Queensland, AU (and very likely the world). Chris lists or sells a property every 26 hours. Not bad! It makes me tired just thinking about it. Chris is a big advocate of using video for marketing his listings. I guess when you are number 1 you can get away with a little foolishness once in a while.

Oh yea, Chris also is also the reigning formula 3 champion. Wow, this guy is a born competitor!

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11 Responses to “And Now For Something Completely Different In Real Estate Video”

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  • Hope you’re feeling better soon, Larry!

  • An aspiration for all agents. Chris sets the bar very high and has a hoot doing it.

  • Thank you for sharing this Larry. I shared as well.

  • This actually brings up a very important point that I’ve been thinking about for some time. I’ve often encouraged my clients to get outside “the box” and do something creative and fun and even wacky with their marketing – but many of them won’t do it. I think the reason is that most of them have so few listings that each one is really really precious, and they’re simply afraid to do anything out of the ordinary because the perceived consequences of failure are so high. They think their career will be over if they flop.
    It’s the same reason that people are so fearful of having their portrait made — they know that they’re only going to do it once every 5 or 10 years, and so the entire process (never mind the result) is totally fraught. But if you’re getting your portrait done every couple of months, then you can afford to goof around a little and try different things.
    People like Chris Gilmour aren’t walking on eggs every day. He’s confident enough with his volume and reputation that he can afford to experiment, have fun, try new things. And of course that just feeds right back into the cycle of success.
    Other names that come to mind: Brett Clements, Malia Campbell, Charlie Dresen. They have no fear of failure.

  • Love it. I hope you feel better soon Larry.

  • Scott – So great to read your words. I too have been thinking about stepping even further outside the box. And you’re so correct about what might be perceived as the fine line of these consequences of “our reputation.” But there is some truth to this. My clients range from 20’s something text maniacs to 40’s something investment centric type “A” people to 70’s something conservatives worried about retirement.

    Chris Gilmore thrives in a larger, progressive environment. Will that model work in Steamboat, Scottsdale, or Sacramento? I guess it’s time to find out.

    Thanks Larry for posting this. I needed that kick in the butt.

  • Great post Larry.

    Hat’s off to Chris…you rule dude!

    I can just imagine the reaction to Chris’s video from the majority of r/e agents. OMG, I could never expose myself like that, look how much time he’s wasted filming himself, etc. Whether the video is a flop or not it’s certainly poised to raise a quite a few eyebrows and will probably go viral within the r/e community. Exposure that immense would be very expensive to buy.

    Chris didn’t get where he is today by being a follower, he’s a risk taker and his branding / business model is what sets him apart from his competition. Unfortunately, it all boils done to a personal comfort level, most r/e agents and photographers would rather be followers than leaders in their industry, fighting for their little piece of the pie on a daily basis.

    Steve Jobs also comes to mind, he developed technologies and products that didn’t even exist, technologies and products we never even knew we wanted or needed. Now that’s “thinking out of the box”!


  • Great video – great creativity.
    Larry feel better.

  • The video is sorta funny, but I don’t understand the point of the hose spray other than to get all the REALTORS in the area to watch.

    I have been impressed with kind of a hokey set of vids done by a MN REALTOR team. These two seem to be married to each other, but aren’t.

    Keep the videos coming.


  • Didn’t understand the video. Sure it catches the viewer attention but it doesn’t pay much attention to the property but rather to the agent.
    Sure this kind of marketing is great but it’s kind of dangerous like Scott said.
    I’ve seen better outside the box things in real estate video. This one is cool nevertheless.

    Hope you are ok Larry.

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