Menu Makes Some Significant Improvements To Their Video Support For Real Estate Tours

April 8th, 2012

Alan and Paul over at have been working hard for the last several months at adding video to their tours. Back in mid-December when I put my Snoqualmie, WA rental property on the market I encouraged them to add video to their tours. They immediately added a feature they call “tactical video” (up to 10Mb video clips) to their tours but now have full video tours available. Here is a summary of their video features:

  1. Increased Video File size Limit: TourBuzz has increased their video size limit dramatically (they now allow 400MB uploads). Alan says they made the limit large so that people don’t have to try to hard to make it render down to fit in an arbitrary upload limit. We re-encode all video anyway to optimize delivery, so this has no effect on the final size. Apparently this feature has been in beta for a while and several videographers are now using this new video product to deliver their tours.
  2. Export-to-Video: This feature now includes video and video clips. Export converts the entire tour into an HD video and publishes it to YouTube.
  3. Branded and Unbranded Video: This feature adds a way to flag a video as branded-only or unbranded-only. This allows 2 versions of the same content to be uploaded, but only one version will ever show on a particular tour (based on branded vs unbranded mode of the tour). This was a big request from videographers so that they could support branded and unbranded cuts of the same video.
  4. Tactical Video: This feature that has been available for a while is finding some traction with several use cases including panorama replacement, fireplaces, water features, time-lapse clips, neighborhood b-roll, and as Agent pre-roll/post-roll.  Having short video clips in tours is proving to be a nice up sell for a standard tour that adds value and generates additional revenue. Full length video is not appropriate for every situation but a few short video clips can add value and interest to a tour. Here are some examples of how real estate photographers are using tactical video:

These look like a great bunch of features that give a complete range of video support! If you are doing a little bit of video or a lot of video mixed with stills you should take a close look at what TourBuzz has to offer.

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4 Responses to “ Makes Some Significant Improvements To Their Video Support For Real Estate Tours”

  • Thanks for the post, Larry, and thanks for the ideas and constructive criticism to help us improve the video feature. I think we have pretty much everything a videographer needs to be competitive today, but we still look forward to additional feedback.

  • I have been using their service now for some time and love it! The past 5 or 6 video tours I have published have been using this system. I love having the video and the photos all on the same service!! Love it!

  • Likewise, I have been using Tourbuzz and received the email last week about the extended video but have’t used it yet. Absolutely love the tactical video that have used over the past 6 weeks or so. Agents were skeptical of what I was doing, but when they saw the final product, the positive reaction passed all over the offices and I landed additional accounts. Typically, will only put 2 video clips in. Favorites are front door opening as transition from ecterior front to the interior, gates opening in gated communities, and pool fountains. Then one where the owner converted a huge area of the back yard to a putting green so I twisted his arm (yeah, right) forcing him to grab a putter and got a nice long putt video sequence. The only hard part is having to deal with each sequence as a separate file as none of the clips are combined into a timeline likre in a pure video.

    Don’t really use the video conversion export to youtube brcaause the entire tour is generally up in the 5 to 7 minute range with the panos,stills and video clips. That is just way too long for a video.

  • I have switched over to Tourbuzz as well. Alan and Paul are relentless at improving their system and keeping on top of technology. I have started to integrate tactical videos into my tours as well and agents love it. I am going to try a full video next week. There are a few other companies moving into my territory with cheaper pricing and faster scheduling (I’m booked solid for 3 weeks :0) Hopefully this product shows my clients that I do more for them then just snap photos.

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