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April 6th, 2012

I enjoyed the little review I did last week of what people were doing with real estate video so much I decided to do it again. One thing I did that I was insightful was I went to and did a search for real estate video and then filtered by time. If you do this you get a sense for the rate at which real estate video is being uploaded to YouTube. It’s breathtaking! The rate of uploads of real estate video to YouTube is huge!

Another thing I noticed is that many large offices appear to be creating YouTube videos for all their listings. They do a single intro image that has address, price etc, and then just use all of the listing photos to create a video. It’s not difficult to imagine writing a script that would automate this whole process. The HillCoRealEstate (bottom middle) is and example of one of these. Some have voice-over narration and some just have music.

I think it’s worthwhile asking yourself why large RE offices are doing this. I believe that many offices have realized what a powerful way to get exposure for a home for sale YouTube is. I noticed this when I put my rental property on the market for sale in Mid-December 2011. Any one could do a YouTube or Google search for the address “7318 Fairway Ave” and my YouTube video would be at the top of the search but the property site I had for the property ( but that never came up in a google search. The message here is that a YouTube video with the property address in the title is far more effective than a property site and you can put tons of links and information in the description field of the YouTube video to go to other listing sites for the property if you want.

The videos below are a sample of some that caught my eye this week. The ResidentialPhotos one (top left) is Heath Cowart’s. Heath has talked here on the blog about the work he is doing to train his client agents to be in their own videos. I think it shows. The agent in his video is very comfortable being on camera. The other video of note is SteamBoat, CO Realtor, Charlie Dresen’s entertaining video (top center) of his fishing trip shot with his Hero Pro video camera. What a kick! I’m not a fisherman but I love the job Charlie did telling the story about the SteamBoat life style! This is a reminder that real estate video doesn’t always have to be about real estate.

ResidentialPhotos Steamboatsmyhome VirtualViewingVideo
PointBRealty HillCoRealEstate SkippyBean8
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11 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video”

  • Wow Larry. Thanks for turning me onto Brooks at “SkippyBeanRealty.” That guys does a great job with video. It’s endless what you can do with a camera and he’s got it down. He does a great update on the inventory of his local area.

  • I really like Charlie’s video and would like to do more like that one. Not all videos need to be glossy to be entertaining and provide value. I also like the video from Pointbrealty. That broker seemed very comfortable in front of the camera and added real value to the communication.
    In the case of Vivien, I don’t do much coaching with her anymore, her personality really shines when the camera is on and she has a new funny idea every week. We are editing one right now that is a take off of a cooking show. Sometimes my job is to not interfere with the brokers vision in the case of Vivien, other times I do more coaching on scripts and performance. I am finding that people learn very quickly how to relax in front of the camera and like any skill they get better and better with each video.

  • Great stuff again this week! Loving this feature, Larry. Charlie’s video was awesome. From my experience, I’m convinced people buy more than just a house, and if I was an avid fisherman, after watching Charlie’s video, I would have found my Realtor.

  • Larry, thank you for the very valuable tip above, very valuable! Bill

  • […] Via Baton Rouge Real Estate Agent Tip: Why 1 YouTube Video Is More Important Than a Property Site yahooBuzzArticleHeadline="Baton Rouge Real Estate Agent Tip: Why 1 YouTube Video Is More Important Than a Property Site";yahooBuzzArticleId=""; ABOUT THE AUTHOR AND CURATOR OF THIS SITE Since 2007, Greater Baton Rouge's Housing Reporter Has Been Bill Cobb, Appraiser With Over 20 Years Of Home Appraisal Experience, Over 500 Local Housing Articles and 300 Housing Videos! Baton Rouge Housing Reports Dot Com is an information source provided by local Home Appraiser, Bill Cobb, and Accurate Valuations Group. Bill has 20 years experience as a residential appraiser and updates his local network of sites weekly with reports, videos and audio reviews of local housing market trends!  Phone: 225-293-1500. Baton Rouge Real Estate News Curated Site  Accurate Valuations Group Greater Baton Rouge Pre-Listing Home Appraisals Greater Baton Rouge Pre-Purchase Home Appraisals Baton Rouge Real Estate Buzz On Facebook Page Baton Rouge Market Metrics Subdivision Studies Videos Of Baton Rouge Real Estate  Related Posts via Categories“I Will Probably Get A Raise Next Year” Is No Way To Plan A Baton Rouge Housing BudgetAnswer To Email Question About Buying A Home In Zachary’s Copper Mill Golf CommunityNew homes starting to spring up in South Baton Rouge 70802 Near DowntownThink Baton Rouge Housing Is Totally Out Of The Woods Onto Recovery? Think Again!Livingston Parish Watson Easterly Lakes Subdivision 70706 2012 NumbersBaton Rouge Real Estate: Why Residing In Baton Rouge Is Really A Wise MoveWhat Tops America’s Home Improvement Lists Infographic, Relevant To Baton Rouge?Every Baton Rouge RE Agent May Have A Door Key To HUD Home You PurchasedGreater Baton Rouge Ascension Parish: Prairie Oaks March 2012 ReportEast Baton Rouge Subdivisions With Most Sales Through March 2012 […]

  • So lets say I shoot a video and need either a narrator or an editor. Who’s available these days?

  • @MIKE – I’d get one of those great Aussie voices! (LOL) Actually, if you call your local ASMP chapter, they are really good at referring people who produce and/or edit videos and I am sure they know talent that can narrate.

  • What are your thoughts on this video that we did? Would love to see what you think.

  • @J Michael- Nicely done. Great owner description of the property. Some interior shots look a bit too dark. And some would say it’s a bit long but on balance I think it creates a great impression of the property.

  • One success I have had is using, they let you create a floorplan for you listing and than create a 3D walkthrough video of it. It is all done within a browser and it is free, so cant complain.

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