Here Is A SD to Type II CF Adapter that Allows Eye-Fi Pro X2 To Work On 5DMKII

April 4th, 2012

I am ecstatic! I’ve tried several SD/CF adapters to try to get the Eye-Fi Pro X2 to work on my 5Dmkii and none have worked. But a few days ago Adam Pendleton left a comment on a post earlier this week that the  Extreme CF Adapter works on his 5Dmkii so I immediately ordered it and and today I got it and it works beautifully with the free Eye-Fi iPad App. It also has an Android App.

This is fantastic, for the cost of the Eye-Fi Pro ($90) you get to see every image you shoot show up on your iPad, iPhone or Android device with in a few seconds. It’s perfect for letting a client see what you are shooting, just getting a high-res look at what you are shooting or using the Eye-Fi Pro X2 for a camera on a elevated pole or remote situation.

I have no idea if this Adapter works with other DSLRs that take only CF cards but I suspect it might. If anyone has experience with this adapter on other DSLRs besides the 5DMKII please leave a comment and let everyone know. Since this adapter is only $13, it’s not much of a risk to just try it out.

Thanks to Adam Pendleton for pointing this out to me. You made my week!


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18 Responses to “Here Is A SD to Type II CF Adapter that Allows Eye-Fi Pro X2 To Work On 5DMKII”

  • Larry, can you test video recording please? One I tried took photos but wasn’t fast enough for video recording.

  • I understand it’s best to get the Pro X2 version of the Eye-Fi card as it allows you to transfer raw files (other Eye-Fi cards don’t) and it adds geotagging data into the file’s EXIF header.

  • Hi Larry, I followed the links you provided to Amazon for the adapter and the Eye-Fi Pro X2. The feedback on the Eye-Fi card is mixed at best. I am looking forward to your experiences with the card as well as real world feedback from others here on PFRE. BTW: images should look awesome on an iPad3! Best Regards, Ron

  • Hi guys,

    I went through a few other adapters before I found this one. It works great for me. I use it on portrait shoots, and am thinking about modifying my workflow to start using it on architectural shoots also.

    I do shoot property videos, but I have not used this adapter with video. I only use it for stills that I want to preview on a shoot. Good luck all!
    Adam Pendleton

  • My wife & I picked up three of these a few weeks back. One each for SD cards and one for a backup. In the future we will have one for every SD card. We just moved to the Mark ii and needed to get a lot more cards for shooting weddings and I feel that the CF card is a dead end. 1. you can’t find them easily, 2. CF cards are almost twice as expensive and 3. our MBP’s all have SD readers in them and 4.when we move to the Mark iii we won’t even have to use the adapters as they have a SD slot in it. We just shot a wedding in Costa Rica with them without a hitch. We have 30 mb/s extreme and ultra cards but shooting video is out, at least for us as the adapter slows it down to much. Someone with faster cards might have better luck but we don’t really need the speed for weddings. On that note, with the Mark i we only ever ran up to the buffer during the processional, & Kiss/Recessional. With the Mark ii’s however, we never even got close to the buffer even on Full Raw. So far were are more than pleased… especially spending about a dollar a Gig for SD’s which is about a third the price of CF cards. 🙂

    Josh Lockie

  • When you are on the iPad are you live shoot or is it just captured? Even if it is just captured its nice to see the picture and not have the cables. We are currently using a marshall monitor or a Small HD monitor so we can live shoot and see and compose and focus, etc on a larger screen.
    We might just order one those just to have the technology for when we are on the road and don’t want to carry around more equipment (we always have our iPad with us so that is not “additional”)

  • All I can say is, an answered prayer!! This very conveniently further delays my purchase of a Canon 5D Mark III… But I’ll continue to lust don’t ya know!

  • @Lance – sure I’ll shoot some video and report back.

    @Suzanne- No this doesn’t use the iPad as a live monitor, every shot you shoot on the camera is transfered to the iPad and displayed on the iPad within a few seconds of when you shoot it.

  • Thanks for tip Larry. I have been waiting for this for some time for my 5D MK2. Hope it works in my 7D too!

  • @Lance – Yes, works with video. I just shot a 8 sec video clip and it transfers across to my iPad and is viewable on the iPad. The video transfer feels like it takes much longer even though the .MOV file was only 40Mb. I agree with Josh though, doing this with video is going too slow down your shoot too much because of the transfer time between the camera and the iPad.

  • @Larry Thanks for testing, much appreciated.

  • This is probably a stupid question, but…….Does your iPad need to be connected to 3g/4g or wifi for this to work?

  • @Carol – No, the Eye-Fi card and the iPad talk to each other directly via Wi-Fi so no 3g/4g is required.

  • Is anyone successfully using this on the D300?

  • I’m interested to know also if they work in a D300s ..fingers crossed!

  • So the CF cards and wifi cards have arrived (I ordered two of each – yall do carry two of everything critical to a shoot right?) and WOW is this rippin cool!! Both myself and my agents are gonna LOVE this kind of immediate feedback on my Apple iPad Gen 3!! The one negative I found is the RAW files from my 5D Mark II do take a bit of time to download and render to the iPad, I think less than 15 seconds although I haven’t actually timed it. But the end result is sooooooooo worth it! It is VASTLY easier to review an image on the iPad and make composition decisions/changes.

    I’m now pondering how I could easily mount the iPad to one of the legs on my tripod. Hmmmmmm…..

    Damn this is a fun time to be a photographer!! And a hopeless Geek!! LOL

  • For the life of me I can’t get the cf adaptor to work. The eye-fi card works in my BIL’s little $100 Canon, but not in the 5dmkii.
    Its the same one as in the pic at the top of the page. I followed all the instructions but to no avail.

  • @Nicholas – perhaps there’s some manufacturing variation in these things. You are the first I’ve heard of that this specific type didn’t work for.

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