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March 26th, 2012

Wow, triggers is a popular subject! I’m not doing a regular post because I’ve been working hard researching, updating the page and getting the thing to display correctly on the iPad. So right now the trigger page mostly displays on iPads and the poll works but the bottom of the trigger table is being cut off  when displayed on the iPad. My apologies to iPad users, I hope to ge this problem fixed soon.

Also I’ve added a bunch of triggers to the page suggested by readers. very one seems to be having problems with triggers.

So far it’s very clear that the Pocket Wizard Plus II is the industry standard. No big surprise there.

Update March 27, 2012: For me the big surprise is how popular the Yongnou triggers are. They are slightly more popular than the Pocket Wizard Plus II!

The Trigger page now works on iPads: I decided to sacrifice the comments on the trigger page for the ability to have the page work on iPads. I’ve responded to all the suggestions made in comments on initial trigger page. So if  you have a favorite wireless trigger that you’d like me to add to the page and the poll just leave a comment on this post or send me an email via the Contact Larry page.

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4 Responses to “Wireless Trigger Page Status”

  • Triggers are a new ‘must have’ item for me; therefore, I don’t understand some of the technology and mechanics. Amazon’s price on the Pocket Wizard Plus II is $30 higher than on the new version, the Plus III that you recommend. Am I missing something about the technology, or might this be a promo price? Thanks.

  • Larry,
    This has been my main triggering device for years, but, (as I mentioned this to the engineers at Pocket wizard) it needs to be re-packages in a flat horizontal configuration, perhaps with a hot-shoe for on camera or off camera flash (like the FLEX TT5 or the mini).

    Pocket wizard has never let me down (just the Flex has), but the problem I have with this unit, is when I try to use my right angle finder for low shots. Since the antenna is sticking up, I can’t get my head and eye close enough to the eyepiece. Because this unit can use a PC cord, I now clamp the transmitter to the side of my Nikon Really Right Stuff L bracket, and keep my right angle viewer attached to the eyepiece. But, if your Nikon (or Canon) has no PC available, you can only fire it in the hot shoe. As much as I always hated PC connectors on cameras, they have become a great help in my real estate photography.

  • I’ve been using Yongnou Trigger. Its cheap! It works! Its been dropped a couple times, I have a piece of tape holding on the battery cover on one of them. No false triggers. Its lasted way past what I expected it to. Did I mention that it still works?! The biggest I don’t like about it is you can’t lock it into the hot shoe. Now that I’m talking about it I expect it to fall apart in my hands. Happy Flashing.

  • @Angela- The PW plus III is a newer version of the plus II. More range and a few other improvements see the pocket wizard site ( for details on the differences… my understanding is that the Plus III devices are not available everywhere.

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