Nasty Clamp or ClampPod Pro?

March 20th, 2012

Kerrick Long pointed out Nasty Clamps to me yesterday. I’ve actually been aware of Nasty Clamps for some time and have been going to grab some for some time but just haven’t got around to it. The look great for putting flashes on and ever since I upgraded my iPhone I’ve wanted a clamp like this for mounting my iPhone on while shooting video and doing time lapse.

So since I’m a Amazon Prime member and buy everything but groceries at Amazon, I quickly checked Amazon for Nasty Clamps. Nasty Clamps doesn’t sell through Amazon but the ClampPod Pro came up when I did a search for “nasty clamps” along with some other nasty stuff.

Kerrick and I both need your help. Nasty Clamps are $44 each and ClampPod Pros are $13. That’s a pretty significant difference! Has anyone out there tried either or both of these clamps? It looks like the Nasty Clamp jaw may open wider. That’s the only possible difference I can see. Otherwise they look pretty comparable.

Has any body tried these? If no one’s tried both of these I just may get them both to see if Nasty Clamps are worth three times the cost of ClampPod Pro clamps.

Update: And the winner is,  175F-1 Spring Clamp with Flash Shoe. This is great, I new we could crowd-source what the best clamp is. Anymore suggestions.

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10 Responses to “Nasty Clamp or ClampPod Pro?”

  • Just looking at the photos the ClampPod Pros are plastic while the Nasty Clamps uses a steel clamp. The ClampPod pro uses a metal flex line like those one used on microphones that always spring pack to a position you don’t want them while the Nasty Clamps uses what looks like coolant line from machine equipment. So if you are a do it yourself person look here: (three items listed below)

    For $49.07 you can get enough to build 4 units. Buy extra line and you can make some that will wrap around things like curtain rods, the pliers they sell are handy. You can also get the larger 3/4″ or the smaller 1/4″.

  • I’ve tried the clampplod. The extension arm really doesnt support an SB 800 well unless it is straight up–the flash is too heavy for the arm. The clamp with ball head works ok, but I’ve replaced the ball head with an old Cullman one. I use it clamped to the top of bathroom and bedroom door with a radio trigger. Works fine.

  • I’ve seen several reviews on the Nasty Clamp and have heard they are incredible. Shooting yesterday my SB-80 fell off a door and cracked the fresnel lense. A nasty clamp would be a better way to attach a flash to door tops, etc.

  • I know its not the brand topic of the post, but have you not tried the Manfrotto 175F Justin Spring Clamp? I own one and it seems far more secure clamping on doors and better build quality that these, planning on buying another. Its about $53 too. Reading the reviews on Amazon show that these Nasty Clamp’s or ClampPad pro’s are not as strong and secure as the Manfrotto. They also don’t seem to be able to mount on a light stand either. Doesn’t seem as versatile. Curious why you did not include this in your comparison?

  • In looking at the images of the Manfrotto it appears a lot more solid than the other two. Plus it’s a Manfrotto with the reliability that brings. I’d go ahead and spend the $50.00 on it and buy piece of mind over the other two.

  • I’ve been using the Manfrotto 175F Justin Spring Clamp with Flash Shoe for 5 years and they are great.

  • Thanks Chad. I will check it out. I needed a good solution. Too many flashes have fallen off doors just setting them up there on their little Nikon stand.

  • Hey folks! This is Matt Monroe (a/k/a: “Mister Nasty Clamps”) chiming in on the discussion. I just wanted to give a quick heads up and let you know that all of the products you’ve been talking about – the Justin Clamp, the ClampPod Pro, and (of course) the Nasty Clamp – are all great products. What differentiates these tools (aside from price) is their overall handiness and usability in various situations. Talking strictly about my own product, the Nasty Clamp is unique in that its flex-arm is modular (i.e.: it can be shortened or lengthened), and so extra reach can be added when needed OR the flex-arm can be shortened – allowing it to support more weight. The flex-arm material used in the gooseneck is also the exact same material used in the neck of the “Nasty Flag,” and so my two main products can be modified/cannibalized when necessary.

    By the way, for those of you who do a lot of outdoors shooting, here’s a link to the “Nasty Flag”:

    Other things to know about the Nasties? Well, believe it or not, they’re made here in the States. EVERYTHING in the Nasties is made in the States. In fact, the plastic material used in the flex-arms is injection molded just two miles down the road from my workshop. Also, because my company is small – shockingly small – we can give very personal service and (when time allows) do custom modifications for customers.

    Again, all of the products that have been discussed in this thread are great products. Myself, I created the Nasties to solve a series of problems that the other photo/lighting tools weren’t helping me out with. As it’s turned out, the Nasties have helped thousands of other photographers too.

  • I’ll vouch for the manfrottos. Well made, sturdy and grip well. I’ve got two as well as 4 ‘superclamps.’
    If you’ve already got a draw full of assorted ball heads and spigots [ the manfrotto 013 1/4 – 3/8 works well with them ] you can just get the 175 clamp for $14 from somewhere like B&H or £15 in the UK

  • I’ve been using 2 Clamp Pod Pros for about 3 years now and love them clamped to my Gotto auto desk, 1 for my iPhone with Snapmount and 1 for my Zi8.

    This photo only shows 1 with my iPhone

    and this photo with both:

    Here’s a video I made of them:


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