Lightroom 4 – A Must Have Tool For Real Estate Photographers

March 19th, 2012

Remaining Issues: Many readers had questions and Issues the day that Lightroom 4 was released. Just a couple of days ago Tom Hogarty (LR product manager) did a post that reviewed a number of outstanding issues . So if you are having problems with Lightroom 4 I would first check Tom’s list and then check the feedback forum that Tom gives a link to.

I have to say that I’ve had no problems whatever installing and using Lightroom. I think this is by far the best version of Lightroom ever! I love the Highlight, Shadow and Clarity sliders and additional brushes!

Video Training: By now there are several video series on using Lightroom worth mentioning:

  1. The series by Chris Orwig ($25/mo you can join for  just one month if you choose).
  2. Advanced Guide to Lightroom 4 with Michael Reichmann and Jeff Schewe ($38) Note the Advanced part of this guide is not yet complete. They have the basic part finished.
  3. George Jardine’s Lightroom 4 Video Workshop ($24.95).

I’ve not tried #3 but I have done 1 & 2 and they are both excellent! At the new price of $149 Lightroom is an essential tool for any real estate photographer!

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5 Responses to “Lightroom 4 – A Must Have Tool For Real Estate Photographers”

  • Lightroom at $149 is affordable now but if you are in need of other Adobe software but cannot afford the hefty price tag of each program, Adobe now has a subscription program where you can pay a low price for month-to-month access. This is fantastic because if you need only one component of their CS software suite for one project you don’t have to incur a large out of pocket expense.

    Check out for details

  • We love the training. Chris Orwig is one of the best video trainers out there. He speaks clearly and goes slow enough to follow, but fast enough not to get bored. There are enough differences to warrant taking a training class even if you are an experienced lightroom 3 user.

  • Kelby Training also has in-depth training by Matt Klowskowski.

  • I like the added ability to email photos right out of Lightroom 4. This saves me step of having to export first. However, it would be nice if Lr4 could somehow be able to have access to the address book on osx so it could predict who I was sending the email to based on the email address or name I was typing as it does in Mail.

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