Canon 5D MkIII May Be A Game Changer For Real Estate Photography HDR Enthusiasts

March 18th, 2012

I have to admit that when the Canon 5DMKIII was first announced at the first of this month I didn’t connect with the potential of the the new bracketing features of the 5DMKIII mainly because I didn’t look at them in any depth. This video sponsored by the guys over at Chuck Westfall walks you through the options available for shooting and controlling bracketing and in-camera processing of the brackets.

Michael James over at has been doing some in depth research of the new 5DMkIII bracketing and processing and has several nice posts on the details of how these new 5D features will work.

As Michael points out,  Canon has added a multiple exposure mode to be able to shot 9 bracketed shots  up to 3 EV apart. But the more importantly the 5DMKIII has an implementation of in-camera HDR processing where you can choose to keep all the RAW (or JPEG) images that went into the in-camera processing so if you want to improve or change the processing in post you can. Other implementations of in-camera don’t allow access to the frames that when into the in-camera processing. Canon’s implementation of in-camera HDR processing is a great step forward.

There are some early sample images here of what the 5DMKIII does with in-camera HDR.

For me, it’s beginning to sink in that even though many of the refinements in the 5DMKIII don’t seem revolutionary by themselves the sum total of all the refinements is pretty amazing. If you want one of these new 5Ds  you are going to have to get in  a preorder line to get this one.


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19 Responses to “Canon 5D MkIII May Be A Game Changer For Real Estate Photography HDR Enthusiasts”

  • Though I’m not a fan of HDR, for those that are – this is a nice feature.

    Personally, I’ll light as needed.


  • Would have been nice to see some examples!

  • @Kim- There are examples click on the second to last link.

  • Oops Sorry, I see it!

  • It’s certainly interesting. Seeing the end result is what I am eager for! We want sample images!! I can’t pass judgement until some samples make out to the masses. If the images are all smokey/brassy/ucky HDR I’ll stick to my tried and true LR/Enfuse and it’s smooth/natural results!

  • Oops my bad there are samples! OK those look reasonably nice. I’m still a bit leery putting all my eggs into the in-camera processing.

  • Great post Larry. I too wasn’t too enticed by the Mark III initially. But it’s finding out features like this HDR function that make it more appealing. I was at first so fixed on new video features that I didn’t pay much attention to the camera side. Now it’s on my mind.

  • I think this feature will only pan out to be for hobbyists (or agents trying to shoot their own listings!).
    The innate lack of control is similar to shooting jpegs and/or not using ACR or Lightroom. That may be fine for someone on vacation or quick landscapes, but you’ll be giving up all the control and finesse the ever-expanding pool of HDR software has to offer.

  • This might help high volume shooters doing the bottom half of the market where results are not too fussy and kind of scream HDR at you.

    Quality hdr talks a lot of hands on massaging and I can’t believe that in camera hdr is going to reach it at this point in time.

  • Geoff and Craig, i have shooted using Sony HDR over year now, and all my clients are happy. I use max 40 mins to shoot whole apartment and 30 mins to edit pictures. When i include driving time, i can easily do 4-5 houses/day. It’s really nice hobbyist can earn with this system average 4000 -5000 euros/month.I’m just curious, if i’m on bottom half , how much you pro earn of your work?

  • And because you wan’t to know anyway what level is enough for my clients, here is link for some pictures.

    I have been in Scott’s workshop and yes, to bigger clients i’ll use radiotriggered flashes and i can order 4 x 2,5m prints what we just do.

    But in our country, real estate agents are not ready to pay more than 130-140 dollars/shoot so i have to think, how much i use my time/shoot.
    It’s funny people who haven’t used this incamera HDR can say it useless.

  • I just saw a link coming into my blog in my back end stats.

    Just for clarity’s sake… on my blog I mentioned Canon increased the AEB to 7 shots, not 9 as this post mentions above. The 9 exposures is associated with the multiple exposure mode, not AEB. FYI

    I love that the final file format for the multiple exposure mode can be RAW if you shoot each frame as RAW. Also, I love that you can choose to keep all the shots you took to make that final multiple exposure. So if you did change shutter speed yourself and took 9 frames in multiple exposure mode, you can keep all those frames as well as having a final composite from those 9 saved in .CR2 format.

    And even though the HDR Mode saves the final format only in JPEG, at least you can choose from the options to keep the originals. So if you shot RAW you could always reprocess that bracket in post in software yourself (assuming you didn’t like the saved JPEG from the in camera merge). Yes 3 is limiting.

    Also, I like that you can actually choose from 1EV, 2EV, 3EV for the HDR Mode steps between the 3 shots. With my Canon G12 you have no controls for steps when using the HDR Mode.

    -Michael James

  • Jukka you do great work. Didn’t mean to insult anyone. Actually, I am a Nikon shooter and I am just in denial.


  • For those who find the MKIII a little steep in price, there is Magic Lantern firmware that turns the 5D MKII and other Canon Cameras into a feature rich camera.
    Up to 9 exposure HDR
    Intervalometer for Time Laps and more
    HDR video just to name a few of MANY very usefull features.
    Not all features apply to all cameras but most do.

    I have been using it and love the features. Google it for much more info….

  • Oh yea….and it is FREE

  • We have ordered 10 MKIII for one studio and Canon is sending overnighting one to our studio for preview. We get to keep it for a week. I’m sure they are oping we order a bunch more. I’m eager to use it in person.

  • The Nikon D800 also has in-camera HDR and it has a better DxO score then the Canon 5D III. It’s also cheaper.

  • @pedro- I find working with 21 megpixel images from my 5DMKII annoying… who needs 36 megpixels!

  • @ jukka..
    how many shots do you take for your HDR work? and wich software do you use?

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