More Options For Processing Credit Cards While You Are On-site

March 16th, 2012

Eros Peterson from Toronto pointed out to me last week that that I blogged out back in Nov of 2010 doesn’t work in Canada. He’s located an alternative that works in CA  called The down-side of is it’s $24/month and you have to pay $75 for the smartPhone card reader.

Shortly after I heard from Eros I noticed that PayPal, which I use extensively for credit card processing in selling eBooks is, as of yesterday (March 15, 2012) in the process of rolling out a service very similar to That is, you get card reader for free, free App for iPhone and Android, you are charged only 2.7% on each transaction, no monthly fee, money is in your account immediately and the PayPal service is world wide. There is a wait list that you can sign up for here. The service is called PayPal Here. I’m on the wait list so I’ve not been able to try it out yet. Hopefully this worldwide rollout won’t take too long.

Based on the WorldWide link at the bottom of the PayPal Here page my understanding is that PayPal Here will work worldwide as PayPal now does. Better checkout your country to verify. There are a few countries that PayPal doesn’t serve. The only one I’ve run into so far is Nigeria. When there is a currency conversion there is an extra 3.9% conversion cost.

I’d be interested to know people’s experience with this in other countries. Does this work in your country, is there another alternative that does the same thing and works better in your country? This kind if ability to process credit cards is really useful for small businesses. It means you can easily collect from your client right at the time you are providing the service and eliminate the billing and collection hassel.

Update 3/18/2012: Harry McCracken over at says, “internationally, though it’ll only be available to “select merchants” in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Hong Kong at first”.

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7 Responses to “More Options For Processing Credit Cards While You Are On-site”

  • Not in Nigeria? …gee, that’s funny considering number of emails i get from there!

  • Nigeria – HAHAHA By the way – my aunt is back in Nigeria and she left me $1 million dollars!!!! Remember those letters!

    On a more serious note – we are users of paypal for our collections on our websales and we take checks from customers in person. That being said – I read about the Paypal Here triangular device in the Wall Street Journal yesterday and immediately signed up for the waiting list. We are looking forward to this as paypal makes everything so easy to collect monies without contracts and monthly payments.


  • I have both a Paypal business account, and also two Square account. One thing I do like about Square is the fact that the transactions goes into my regular business checking account as opposed to my PayPal account, that I then need to transfer from. Having it go directly into the business checking account makes for a much easier bank reconciliation.

    Either way, being able to take credit cards right there and then, is very convenient and I would highly recommend it as it does wonders to your cash flow, as opposed to waiting for the check in the mail.

    my 2 cents


  • @George- Absolutely, for those doing transactions only in the US Square is clearly the way to go.

  • I just went on and signed up!

  • Here’s another PayPal option for accepting payments from agents and not having a swipe solution onsite: Virtual Terminal. It allows you to manually input a credit card # ahead of time (assuming the agent gives you a CC number beforehand) and the service comes included at no extra cost if you already use Website Payments Pro. Check out the following page for details and pricing:


  • Anyone else using Intuit’s gopayment? We love this as the funds go directly to our business account, bypassing paypal. Both my wife and I carry a swiper in our camera gear… works our real well.

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