Free Guide to Using Photography in Real Estate Marketing

March 12th, 2012

I’ve updated my free Guide to Using Photography in Real Estate Marketing. If you are not familiar with this free PDF, the little white ad on the left sidebar links to it and allows you to download it for free. My goal for this document is to make it the definitive argument for why agents should use great photography to market real estate. To that end it’s got several sections in it:

  1. Introduction
  2. How Real Estate Photos Work
  3. Real Estate Photography Fundamentals
  4. Important Real Estate Photography Articles

My intention is that anyone can use this document in any way to promote great real estate photography. Real estate photographers put it on your website for your clients and use it in any way you want. I haven’t decided if I’ll put a Creative Commons license on it or Public Domain. The current version hasn’t been completely proofed but I’m putting it up for download anyway. The proofing should be complete in a couple of weeks. I’ll increment the version number when that happens.

Last month in the post where I talked about Apple’s iBook announcement I said I was going to convert this to the Apple iBook format. I’ve reconsidered. I worked on converting it to iBook format for several weeks but as I see it there are several issues with converting it to iBook format. It still isn’t as flexible as PDF format. And the distribution has a major corporation (Apple) in the loop just to get it updated and distributed. I think PDF still makes this information much more useful to more platforms. And I can update it much faster and easier. This format works very well on the iPad and on any other platform as well. So I’m going to pass on the iBook format for a while. Also, I’ve decided to leave this in portrait mode (vertical) format for now because when printed double sided it works more like a conventional book. I think this is a plus for giving it to agents.

The changes to this version are not huge but I’ve added the section on how Real Estate Photos Work and added articles to section 4. Eventually I want to get all of the significant real estate photography articles that I’ve got on my list. I think having the list in PDF form will make it more useful to more people.

Update March 15, 2012: I’ve uploaded an updated copy with the proofing done. Thanks to reader Kerry Bern for doing the proofing for me.

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4 Responses to “Free Guide to Using Photography in Real Estate Marketing”

  • That’s a really great guide for helping agents understand the value of good photography, thanks!

  • Thank you Larry. This is great!

  • Thanks Larry!! Sending this to a few agents!

  • Thanks for providing this, Larry, and thanks for keeping it in PDF format.

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