An Elegant Video of Thanyamundra Organic Resort in Khao Sok Thailand

March 7th, 2012

Clarke Scott of TwoDog Productions in Victoria, AU sent me this elegant video  that he and his crew shot of Thanyamundra Organic Resort in Khao Sok, Thailand.

I love the time-lapse sequences! Particularly the cloudy sunrise over the jungle in the opening sequence. The video communicates a quiet, pure,  Zen like elegance. Just hat you want for this kind of Resort. The visual and emotional appeal created is very strong.

The owners description of this resort describe Thanyamundra as follows:

Thanyamundra is a boutique, sustainable 5 star organic resort offering a sanctuary dedicated to the ultimate private rejuvenation of body, mind and soul in the most natural yet sophisticated personalised form.

Clarke says TwoDog was asked to create a sense of “place”. I think they were very successful in doing just that. TwoDog Productions is just getting into property video. This is a very strong first effort! Great job guys!

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2 Responses to “An Elegant Video of Thanyamundra Organic Resort in Khao Sok Thailand”

  • That’s a fantastic video! For me, the song really makes it.

  • That’s a beautiful video! The lighting and whole place was captured really well – Well done…

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