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March 6th, 2012

Richard Lamb, my ex-neighbor in Snoqualmie, WA pointed out this awesome project last night. For those of you not familiar with KickStarter, it’s a site that helps people with product ideas get funding. People pledge support at various levels to the project. If the project raises the money the project goes ahead and you get one or more of the products for your support. In this case Kevin Harrington and his team need $25,000 for getting started manufacturing this device. At this date the project has raised $7,300, has 118 backers and has 58 days to raise the full $25,000.

This is a great design for real estate photographers. It appears to do everything you ever wanted with a remote trigger so I’ve pledged support to this project:

  1. One wire from SmartPhone to DSLR
  2. A version for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Fuji, Samsung, Kodak, Contax
  3. The App will be available for iPhones and Android phones
  4. Simple camera trigger
  5. Bulb functionality for long exposures
  6. Time-lapse mode (intervalometer)
  7. HDR mode shoots more that three frames on Canon DSLRs
  8. Bramping (Bulb Ramping) for time-lapses from day to night

I have several remote triggers and they all cost more than this one and don’t even come close to what this one does. If you have questions about the design or whatever there is a way to contact Kevin (the project leader) on their KickStarter page.

Update August 31, 2012: I still don’t have my trigger Happy remote because they have had many manufacturing delays for the Canon version. In the mean time I got the TriggerTrap App and cable for my iPhone that works similarly. Turns out that because all these devices use the “Bulb” mode on DSLRs they cannot do accurate shutter speeds below 1 second so these devices are pretty worthless for shooting brackets for HDR/EF. Big disappointment!

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8 Responses to “Please Join Me In Supporting The Trigger Happy Camera Remote Project on”

  • As a Promote Control user, I am a big fan of these controllers. This looks like it does almost everything the Promote does, minus some newer features that Promote has added like HDR timelapse and focus stacking, for example. Having a couple years of experience with this kind of device (and I use it on every shoot) my biggest issue is the fact that it is still attached to the camera via a cable. Don’t get me wrong, the hassle is worth it but unless have a holster of some sort to rest the controller in when its not in your hands it will eventually get dropped. I have dropped my Promote Control probably thirty times and it still works like a charm. I wouldn’t want to drop a smartphone 30 times and see if the results would be the same… I’m surprised no one has figured out a way to just make it wireless.

    I would also love to see the ability to control ISO and aperture. That alone would be worth the investment to me.

  • Already have it for the Canon on Android – $8.52

    I’ve been using it and it works great!!!!

  • At least for Canon users – until he comes out with a Nikon version, the DSLRController is really nice – especially on tablets – because it displays a live view image of what you’re shooting. A 10″ preview of the shot is very nice to have.

  • I use BlueSLR on my D300s. No cable, but gps and delay triggers option

  • Id love to help, but not until there is some Sony support…. I mean he is coding it for pentax, which has WAY less market share..

  • The name brand Nikon shutter release cord is $25. I can pretty much do all of that through the menus and the shutter release. I am tired of using apps for stuff. I am finding it very annoying recently to tell you the truth. I start up an app and get a phone call, or an alert, or text, or e-mail, or Facebook update, or… I could go on. They all seem to disrupt the apps when I am trying to do something pretty serious. The only way to solve this is to go in to your phone turn off all alerts and switch to airplane mode. Seems like to much trouble when that $25 cord works just fine. If this showed a view of what your camera is photographing then I would be all over it. There is the OnOne software DSLR remote that does that if you are willing to bring along a laptop and set up a wifi connection. It works quite well in fact. You just need to be at a shot long enough that you need a laptop. Otherwise it wastes more time then it is worth.

    Also on a side note… I have invested in many kick starter projects. Most of them have been kind of disappointing by the time I got the end result product. I have brought in to several products for iPhone photographic accessories that just did turn out to work well enough to be worth the initial investment. I think my new approach to Kickstarter and crowd sourcing sites is to find up and coming tech and then wait for them to come to market. There were several projects I did not invest in but wanted to. I waited for their products to come out and I was kind of revealed because the reviews were bad. They product did not do what it was supposed to well enough to be worth the price tag once it go to retail. Keep in mind I am speaking in terms of investing in tangible products. I still think the crowd sourcing for things like charity, medical advances, poverty improvement and stuff like that is amazing.

    I do hope he can make his goal. I hope the product is good as well. If he starts taking off it could create a few jobs which we always need in this economy. I may pick it up it if turns out to be a must have accessory. I just feel like my default cable release works fine for now. Reliable with not having to worry about dealing with an IOS to run.

  • I finally received my cable from Trigger Happy after many delays and discovered that the HDR function crashed my iPhone. A quick Google search determined this is a widespread problem and is supposed to be resolved with a new release of the app, which I just now saw that they are waiting for Apple’s approval to release. Meanwhile, I thought I would try it on my Gen 1 iPad and lo and behold it works! Go figure… Unfortunately, that’s when I learned that the HDR function is totally useless in that you cannot use shutter speeds faster than 1 second! Also you are forced to select a one minute minimum duration, so after getting your 5 or 7 bracketed shots, it starts over again and keeps firing until the 60 second timer gets down to zero. In short, it probably works just fine as a time lapse gizmo, assuming you are ok with having your phone out of action for an extended period (and hopefully don’t get a call, text, etc that might crash the app), but as it is right now, it fails to transform Canon DSLR’s into Nikons that have the built-in capability for shooting more than 3 bracketed shots. I should have known it was too good to be true.

  • @Dave- Yes, I’m with you, Trigger Happy and a similar product called TriggerTrap have been a big disappointment. mostly because of the issue you mention about not being able to do shutter speeds less than a second… this is a result of the fact it work with your DSLR in Bulb mode where speeds below 1 second are not accurate.

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