Similarities Between Real Estate Photography and Yacht Photography

March 5th, 2012

This last weekend I was talking to Allan MacKenzie of Brisbane, AU about his cool new project shooting Yachts for Clipper Motor Yachts International.

Allan said that Clipper Motor Yachts were so pleased with his results they invited him to China to shoot their manufacturing facility.

For those of you that may not know Allan, he is a master of all forms of real estate photography and has been in the business since it started. The last couple of years he has expanded into doing mostly video and in particular has made contacts in the Yacht industry in Brisbane.

Allan described his insight into the similarity of real estate and yachts as follows:

The maritime market is opening up like real estate did  years ago, the similarities are amazing. I’m doing more and more video and photography work for brokerage boat or pre-owned boat dealers. The product and workflows I’m developing is very similar to real estate, accept for now you can charge higher prices due to little video and photography competition right now in the brokerage boat field. Of course there is the high end marketing product for new boats like the example I forwarded, but that is a very niche market.

Allan’s comments about the similarities between real estate and yachts brought to mind that other interior photographers have made this same connection too. Long time readers will remember the post I did back in December 2010 on Andy Fame’s work for a large yacht owner. The other thing I recall is that Seattle Architectural Photographer, Thomas Bliss told me some time ago that he also frequently shoots Yachts.

So the message here is that interior photographers living in or near a port cities should consider using their skills to expand to yachts because the skills required are very similar.

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9 Responses to “Similarities Between Real Estate Photography and Yacht Photography”

  • Thanks for the excellent post, video and photos, they are excellent. All photographers living near water, harbors, etc. should think of this as a potential new growth area for their business.

  • And I might add… Those NOT living near water, harbors, etc should think of luxury coaches as a possible new growth area for their business. With the tight confines, they have similar challenges, both in composition and lighting.

  • So cool Allan. And congrats of the trip. I think this is just another example of the reaching out and broadening of what one can do with video. Allan’s always thinking outside the box. I also love what he did with the pictures in iPlayerHD. I’m still sold on using video to promote real estate agents, especially with testimonials like in this video:

  • Thank you Dave and Charlie. The iPlayerHD playlist has been a favourable tool by new yacht dealers to showcase their marketing all one page. Pre-owned boat dealers also use the format to advertise their pre-owned boats, like this example the tool has been a good point of difference when approaching boat dealers for new work.

  • @Charlie

    Wow, you take no shame in plugging your videos do you? First in Larry’s blog about and now here. Nobody was even talking about using video to promote real estate agents in this blog!

    Larry should set some rules to stop this, or else each blog will just turn into “look at me!”

  • Awesome work by the way Allan!

  • @ David. Do you really think I put that link there to get clients? Really? And maybe you didn’t read it correctly but my message was that Allan does a great job at thinking outside the box. I know it’s tough getting real estate agents to pay for property videos. I get that. But there are many other ways to make money like making videos of nice boats. And getting agents to pay for “video testimonials” or “brokerage profiles” or “neighborhood lifestyle videos” or “what’s it’s like to live in this town.”

    For what it’s worth, this site here is about: photography, video, real estate and sharing information and ideas. There are all types that view this stuff. And no, it’s not just professional photographers looking for ideas. There happen to be a lot of realtors that hey, maybe they never thought of doing a “video testimonial.” To conclude, I’m not looking for clients in these post. I’m sharing what I’ve leaned here and maybe helping others.



  • @Charlie

    You can justify your plugs however you want to yourself.

    All I know is that twice in the last 7 days we have seen Charlie Dresen feel the need to post a “hey, look at me and what I am doing!” in blogs that are clearly about other people and what they have done/are doing.

  • Allan is doing some awesome work!

    I had the chance to speak with him last week regarding his shoot and some pointers for myself as I have some yacht’s I will be shooting in the near weeks and he has been very helpful.

    Class act to say the least who puts out a quality product, what more could a client want?

    Keep raising the bar Allan!

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