Canon 5D MKIII Announced Today- Overview of Improved Features

March 2nd, 2012

As expected the Canon 5D MkIII was announced today. Here are some links to resources that explain the new features:

The 600EX Radio controlled Speedlite and an upgrade to the Canon 24-70mm go with the 5D upgrade.

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8 Responses to “Canon 5D MKIII Announced Today- Overview of Improved Features”

  • Pricey. Glad they included the dual axis internal level. Wonder how this will drop the price of the Mark II?

  • The CameraLabs video shows the Mark II.

  • Interested to see the results of in-camera HDR, which should speed up workflow. This appears to be limited to 3 brackets, although the camera now handles 3, 5 or 7 bracketed shots manually. Wonder if Canon might expand this later via a firmware upgrade.

  • I can’t see why any real estate photographer would want to buy the new 5D mark III. I have the old mark II and it covers all my needs for real estate photography and even video, if I wanted to start doing that. The Mark III has some nice improvements, but none that you really couldn’t live without. But the main fault Canon has made is pricing it too high. The price here in Norway is US$ 5365 (NOK 30 000). I would rather buy a new Mark II and paying excactly half the price for it.

  • If the video quality at higher ISOs is improved then I’d buy it just for that.

  • I think the radio controlled speedlights are the real story for real estate / architectural photography. At $629.00 (B&H) each they are expensive but with the radio feature built in the value added makes it very worthy of consideration, especially with the improved specs over the 580 EXII. As far as the camera goes, it is an evolutionary step up with some nice added features. However, as Larry Lohrman would rightly ask from a real estate photography business standpoint: “Can your business income/budget afford the added expense for this upgrade?” Strictly considering real estate photography, the 5D MkII is more than adequate for most of us, especially considering the cost advantage.
    On the other hand, the wedding photographers are going nuts over this camera with the improved AF, higher ISO, radio speedlights and dual memory cards. That my friends, I think is the intended market Canon wanted to target. With over 10,000 people attending WPPI that is where the largest number of MkIII’s will end up.
    Best Regards,

  • We will definitely upgrade to the new speedlites and remote control transceiver. If we can reduce our 13 pieces of equipment including pocket wizard controllers etc to only 4 pieces (3 lights and a transmitter) it makes it so much easier and fewer batteries. As to the new camera, it is very exciting and we are seriously thinking of the 5Dmark3 rather than the 1Dx for our real estate usage – especially with the enhanced video functions. We will be needing a new camera in 6 months anyway due to usage, so by then things will have settled out camera-wise, but as to the flashes – now baby..asap.

  • What do you think? Is it a mistake to remove the built-in flash? I use it to trigger nearly every day on my D700

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