How Home Sellers Find a Good Listing Agent

March 1st, 2012

Charlie Dresen gives a great explanation on how home sellers can, and do find a listing agents. As Charlie demonstrates in a sample online home search session a great way to choose a listing agent is to just pretend you are a buyer in the price range of your home and see which listing agent’s listings stand out. Those are the folks you want marketing your home too.

The message here for real estate photographers is when you market to real estate agents don’t forget to point out that when they use professional photography they will get more listings.

Oh, by the way Charlie is telling people to do this because he knows it works! This post on charlie’s new listing a couple of weeks ago was an example of exactly this. The home sellers came to him to sell their home because they saw the marketing job he did with other listings he had.

Update March 2: Another way to use the technique that Charlie showed in this video is to look through the upper-end listings in your area to see what listing agent are using for photography. For those you see that you believe you can do a better job call them up, show them your work and make them believers in your quality work. Ethan Tweedie, on the big island of Hawaii just did exactly this. He showed me a $29M listing in his area that had just a few weak photos. I suggested he call the listing agent and pitch her on some quality photography. He contacted her it appears he has a new upper-end listing agent client. Pretty amazing story, this all just happened in a mater of a couple of hours! The moral of the story is you can find listing agents this way that with your help can become better listing agents!

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9 Responses to “How Home Sellers Find a Good Listing Agent”

  • And for what it’s worth, when friends or clients ask me for referrals in other cities, I do just what I state in the video. I don’t default to agents that work for my company in other cities. I go shopping in those cities and look for the properties that stand out – and quality pictures are the first thing I look for. It doesn’t take too long before I see the same agents that are the real standouts and those are the ones I call. I then interview them with other questions about what they will do for my clients. So far this strategy has worked well. I’ve made some great contacts and made my friends and clients very happy too. Thanks, Charlie

  • Very nice, but one thing that frustrates me with that approach is that the agent shown may not be the actual listing agent. People’s first choice of search engines are Trulia, Zillow,, Yahoo, etc. If the listing agent didn’y pay for placement, then whomever bought the zip code shows up as the contact, with the IDX requitement “listing provided by _____”. Unfortunately, the public is not aware of that.

  • Larry – Good point and I should have mentioned that.

  • I would never list with an agent that uses crap overpriced apple products.
    Anyway I’m 100% sure that home sellers never chose an agent using internet. Yes it should be that way but it just doesn’t work like that. That’s what agents THINK it works and it never does.
    Actually in most cases is the agent that contacts the seller and not the opposite.

  • This is a very good video and I have Brokers asking for videos but how much does it cost to produce such a project? Are Realtors willing to pay for excellent videos? They seem to be time consuming?

  • I agree with Charlie. When looking for the best listing agent to sell your home, pretend to be a buyer so you can see how various agents market the types of homes that are comparable to the one you want to sell. You’re not looking for the top agent per se. You are looking for the one who specializes in what you have to offer.

    As Larry pointed out, when the photographer is trying to sell his services to the agent, pointing out that great photos make the agent look good will go a long way in landing the deal.

  • Pedro,

    Do you really believe an agent’s choice of phone, tablet or computer is the most important factor in their ability to represent you?

  • This is such an excellent post, I am already checking this out and will share with some of my agents. I use nothing but Apple products. 😉


  • @ William – I was just biting my lip on that one. I just love my iMac and without it I could not do so many of the creative things I do. It’s my favorite tool in my real estate tool box.

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