A Real Estate Photography Report From The Far North- Getting to a Shoot on Skis

February 27th, 2012

Karl Inge Punsvik, of Narvik, Norway sent me some skies for the PFRE sky library. Karl is an advocate of sky replacement because he says he says he doesn’t see much real blue sky. Just for a geographic reference Narvik, Norway is  North of Iceland, farther north than Nome, Alaska and just across the Norwegian Sea from Southern Greenland. That’s 140 km inside the Arctic circle!

Karl has been doing real estate photography in Narvik for two years. Karl describes his real estate photography business there as follows:

Before moving to Narvik two years ago with my wife, I had never done any real estate photography. But after seeing the pictures that the real estate agencies in Narvik provided on the Internet, I thought, “I can do better than that!”. I got the opportunity to do jobs for one of the two real estate agencies in Narvik: Narvikmeglern. The other agency in Narvik do their own photography.

I have been working alone in this part of Norway since I started doing real estate photography two years ago and having no knowledge other than what I gradually read and learned from your PFRE-site and from buying and reading Scott Hargis’ ebook about Lighting for Interiors. Now I do all the photographing for Narvikmeglern and I also do all post-processing. Recently I’ve started making 3D-plans for them as well. As a rough guess, I would say that real estate photography cover around 40% of my income. I also work part time as a radiographer (medical imaging technologist) at the local hospital and I also have a photo studio and do all sorts of portraits, weddings, business photography and so on. I like being flexible in photographical disciplines, it forces me to learn more about photography. The top months for photographing real estate in Norway for me is May and August. The low months are July and December because of summer and christmas holidays.

I do most property photography here in the city of Narvik, mostly apartments with between 45 and 150 square metres, and a few larger homes. Cabins are especially popular in this part of Norway and a large part of the people in Narvik have cabins, either in the mountains (Bjørnfjell) near the border of Sweden, or near the sea (Ofotfjorden). I do property shoots of cabins and some times have to bring my skies and ski a couple of kilometres in order to reach the cabin that is going to be sold. With heavy photo equipemt in a rucksack. It is refreshing!

I know that the real estate market is warm in the largest cities in Norway and the need for fast photographers and fast postprosessing have created a market for businesses that both handle property photographing and post-prosessing of pictures.

Thanks Karl for the story on real estate photography in Nordland. My guess is that Karl at 68° 25′ 14″ N is probably probably the Northern most PFRE reader. Anyone farther North than that?

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4 Responses to “A Real Estate Photography Report From The Far North- Getting to a Shoot on Skis”

  • Awesome – how exciting it must be to be in a market like this! I spent a significant amount of time in Iceland a few years ago and miss it dearly, I absolutely adore the scandinavian-style colorful homes that were built between say 1950 and 1990.

  • Unbelievable! I have VERY fond memories of Norway & Sweden — what a paradise! Thanks for bringing us this, Larry. And Karl — great work!

  • I agree with the previous one. I work full time in Sweden, in an extremely beautiful city (Trosa) filled with beautiful and colorful houses, and even more beautiful scenery. Every day offers fields and red houses with white trim.
    I have the best job in the world 🙂

  • How much fun would getting to a shoot be doing it on ski’s, far from the hustle and bustle of melbourne traffic getting to a real estate photography shoot, running late because of red lights all the way, you know what it’s like. ha ha

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