The Finest Home in Old Town Steamboat Springs, CO Listed by Charlie Dresen

February 22nd, 2012

This is the time of year that I usually spend a week in Whistler, BC skiing and carousing with my real estate agent friends from Seattle. But the agent friend that owned the fantastic ski home within walking distance of the Whistler chairlift sold it so this is the first year in a very long time I haven’t spent a week in February skiing at Whistler, BC. So when Charlie Dresen sent me his video of his new listing in Old Town Steamboat Springs I immediately fell in love. I want to buy this place and have a PFRE ski function every year.

Charlie says:

A few weeks ago I received a call from a home owner in Steamboat Springs. I had never met this couple.  He called because someone had forwarded him this real estate video I had done to sell a home last spring. After interviewing several agents in town, the owners of this home decided to hire me to sell their home.  This just might be the finest home in Old Town Steamboat Springs and I’m honored to represent them. This home is very special. From the large 1.35 acres the home sits on, most lots in Old Town are .14 acres, to having a creek running through the lot, to the 2,000 square feet of roof-top gardens, to just being an amazing mountain contemporary newer home, these sellers knew that the marketing of this home would be pinnacle to its selling in our struggling market. The potential buyers of this home might live in Steamboat Springs, but most likely they live elsewhere in the country or the world. They might be looking for that special home in Telluride or Aspen, Colorado. But if my marketing finds its way to these buyers, and they fall in love with this home, they just might decide to buy in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

I decided to take another route in making the video. I wanted to show a day-in-a-life living in Ski Town USA. What it’s like to spend time in this home during a winter day in Steamboat Springs. Here’s a link to just the video.

I know for a fact that my photographs and videos are gaining me listings in my community. I’m not the big cheese here in Steamboat Springs but I’m definitely finding my niche and making an impact in real estate in Steamboat Springs.

After seeing what Charlie is doing with video in Steamboat Springs I think I’m going to create a “Agents that get it” hall of fame and induct Charlie as the first member.

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4 Responses to “The Finest Home in Old Town Steamboat Springs, CO Listed by Charlie Dresen”

  • I agree with your assessment Larry, Charlie deserves an induction into the hall of fame for sure…I’ve been following Charlie’s work for many years and what better way for us to gain insight and be educated to what agents look for in creative visual media to market a home for sale, than what an agent shows us themselves by their own marketing experiences to what works and creative storytelling. Congratulations Charlie, top notch mate!

  • Thanks Allan. And thank you Larry for writing this. I can’t stress enough the importance of quality pictures and video. What really resonated to me was that not only did earn this listing by the extended services I provide, but the morning I sent this listing out to realtors across Colorado, my email box was flooded with kudos and inquirers. An real estate agent can list a home, but making an impact and standing out among the inventory is the way to get noticed and sold.

  • Fantastic Charlie – Illustrated the house and the lifestyle beautifully.

    M. James

  • This video is incredible EXCEPT the thumbnail or opening scene that becomes a thumbnail. It is so dark and underwhelming that I almost didn’t click on it. There should be an attention grabbing still shot or a part of the video like the last 10 seconds that is really stunning to look at. Other than it is done really well and must of taken a ‘ton’ of time shooting with the family. Well done!

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