Canon 5DMkIII Looks Likely For February 27/28

February 22nd, 2012

Canon Rumors say the next 5D is likely for February 27/28.


  • 22mp
  • 61pt AF
  • 100% VF
  • 3.2? LCD
  • Dual CF/SD Card Slots
  • Price: Around $3500 USD
  • Announcement on February 27 or 28, 2012 (Depending where you are on earth)
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4 Responses to “Canon 5DMkIII Looks Likely For February 27/28”

  • $500 more expensive than the D800??? It better be a high ISO monster with 7+ FPS to justify the higher costs.

  • I saw from the net that there will be two new 5D’s the 5D X

    45MP (With a pixel size similar to the power shot G1X)
    61 points AF (Similar to the 1DX but simpler)
    3.4 fps, 100-6400 (50-12800)
    1 Digic 5+ Digic 4


    5D mk III

    61 points AF (Similar to the 1DX but but simpler)
    6.9 fps, ISO 100-25600(50-51200)
    1 Digic 5+ Digic 4
    Best HD video quality of any EOS camera

    Both over $3k

    Only time will tell…

  • As a notoriously late adopter of new camera technology I’m excited about this announcement as it means the 5DMKIIs with likely drop in price. Yeah so it is ‘last year’s’ model, but for someone that never had one its a big upgrade all the same…

  • They just changed the date to March 2nd.

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