Getting Control of Your Email is Key to Your Business Success

February 20th, 2012

Every time I do a update to one of the ebooks I publish I run smack into the fact that well over 50% of ebook purchasers are not in control of their email. In my business book I have a whole chapter on how to get control of your email because it’s hard to be successful at a business like real estate photography that is so online intensive without being control of your email. Disciplined use of email accounts is a huge factor in your being successful. When I can’t give free stuff to over 50% of ebook purchasers there is a problem!

Here’s what I mean by being in control of your email:

  1. Have a stable email address: Don’t just walk a way from  email addresses. If you change addresses or have several addresses you’ve used in the past make sure all of the addresses you have ever had are all read by one email reader. This is not  difficult. Services like Gmail allow you to do this very easily. You can even read your AOL email in Gmail. You can read up to 5 POP3 accounts from Gmail including AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, other webmail or POP3 email servers.
  2. Be in control of your own SPAM filtering: That is, filter SPAM in a way that you can verify it’s working like you think it is. Be aware that many email hosting services (like AOL, Comcast and others)  do automatic SPAM filtering before your email reader ever gets it’s hands on the email. These services are deciding what’s SPAM and what isn’t. Sometime they are right and sometimes they are not. This is a major reason to avoid these services. So, where possible, set the parameters on all your email hosts to NOT do any SPAM filtering and then use a service like Gmail to do the SPAM filtering. It works beautifully and you can “train” it to filter what you want.
  3. Don’t depend on an email reader (like Outlook or Apple Mail) that is physically tied to a single computer: If you do, it guarantees you will have a disaster sometime soon. If you use Outlook or Apple Mail use the IMAP setup in your email reader to allow access to your mail server from multiple computers and see the same mail at every computer. IMAP allows you to see the same email on your SmartPhone, your Laptop, your desktop and an Internet Cafe in Nairobi.
  4. Brand your email with your own domain: To look professional you want people to see your email coming from rather than Your email is just another part of your brand. It is very easy to have an mail server at the domain of your choice. It’s also easy to setup your Gmail account to

To me, a key component accomplishing all of these is Gmail. It has everything you need to setup and follow all of these principles. Gmail isn’t the only way to do this. There are many other approaches that will work. But Gmail is free and Gmail is remarkably good at SPAM filtering. So good that I’d go so far as to say there is nothing that touches it for SPAM filtering and SPAM filtering may be the most important of these principles.


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5 Responses to “Getting Control of Your Email is Key to Your Business Success”

  • Google business email is 50$ a year and lets you use your own domain…and is ad free.

    – includes 25 gigs of space, so you never have to delete but rather move to “all mail”, out of your inbox.

    – Comes with spam filter that you control.

    – lets you use 1 main email but can have several alias that go to it.

    – can be accessed from anywhere in the world, on any computer, tablet and mobile device and its all Sync.

    – you can also use an email client like outlook or thunderbird if you wish, easy to set up.

  • Sorry, its actually google apps for business: Has a whole bunch of other features as well.

  • I have apple mail – have had it for years and read it no matter where I am in the world by simply going to the mobile me or now iCloud that apple provides. All of my other emails filter into one apple email address, and when I reply to people I use the email address it came from. No big deal for apple users. We don’t use Gmail anymore for email because so many of our clients are unable to accept gmail – their corporate filters just filter it out as personal or junk. Maybe that has changed in the last year or two, but we like our apple mail just fine.

  • Point taken…thanks 🙂

  • Larry – I followed your advise after reading your ebook and switched to gmail, as well as, Google Voice. No more problems with switching ISPs or phone providers. I now have one email address that is available everywhere. Ofcourse, that’s also why I had to email you when I didn’t get the notice about the update. Thanks for your quick response. I will never have to bother you again when you publish updates.

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