3rd Edition of Photography For Real Estate Ebook Update Has Been Sent To All Purchasers

February 15th, 2012

As of 8 PM Pacific time  on February 15, 2012 I’ve updated the Photography For Real Estate ebook to the 3rd edition and I’ve emailed an update link to everyone that has ever purchased this ebook.

Here’s what the primary updates to the ebook are:

  1. The ebook has been reformatted to a landscape format which allows easier reading on a laptop or desktop screen. This new format still allows printing and binding along the top edge of the book.
  2. I’ve substantially  revised the chapters on post-processing and photo-editing because of significant features in Lightroom.
  3. The camera selection has been updated.
  4. The lighting chapter has been updated.
  5. The ebook now links to 6 video tutorials on photo-editing. I’m going to continue to add more video to all my ebooks because I believe this is an important companion media that significantly adds to the learning experience.

The way the updates work is as follows:

  1. Everyone that has ever purchased this ebook has been sent a new download link to the email that was used to purchase the ebook.
  2. I highly recommend that you use either Safari, Chrome or Firefox to download the update. Users that use Internet Explorer frequently have download problems.
  3. A high percentage of these download links I send for ebook updates are not used because the email goes into your SPAM folder. So check your SPAM folder before you tell me you didn’t get the update download link.
  4. I do not send update copies to people that change their email addresses because this has gotten to be a huge effort. I’m a big advocate of having a stable email address and using tools like Gmail or similar email systems that allow you to receive emails from many accounts in one place.

I’d like to thank everyone that has been giving me feedback and encouragement over the last 4 years to refine this ebook. I originally published the first edition this ebook in October of 2007 and it has played a part in helping many get started in the field of real estate photography. I am very pleased  and proud to be able to play a small part in helping people get started.

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14 Responses to “3rd Edition of Photography For Real Estate Ebook Update Has Been Sent To All Purchasers”

  • Thank you, Larry, for sending the latest update of your very informative e-book. I’ve been following your site and blog for a few years but have never posted and feel like this is the time for my first post…to thank you for doing such a wonderful job of bringing the real estate photography community together and for being the leader in helping further our talent in an ever-changing arena.

  • Thank you Larry, it’s a great update! Also, I use IE9 and had no problems downloading. What I like about IE is, for me, fonts are displayed much better and the Google toolbar with spell check is great.

  • Hi Larry,
    I didn’t get my link for the updated ebook. You may have an old, no longer active email address for me.
    Could you please check and get back to me. Thanks.

  • Thanks for your efforts!

  • Larry, thanks again for your efforts and insight. I don’t know any any other educator in the world of professional photography (and I’ve been in it for over 35 years!) that provides no cost updates to their educational materials. Your commitment to helping others become successful in this field is much appreciated!

  • Thank you, Larry! The information in both books is valuable to anyone who’s just starting out in real estate photography as well as a great resource or reference for more seasoned pros. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

  • Hi Larry,
    I purchased the ebook last year sometime and I haven’t received the link to download the update. Can you please contact me to advise?

  • @Troy-
    My records show you purchased: Lighting Interiors on 3/17/2011, Business of Real Estate Photography on 3/23/2011But have never purchased Photography For Real Estate which I send out the update to. Plus the email address you used on this comment is invalid.

  • Hi Larry,
    Havn’t received an update yet. I still use same email.

  • great update. love the landscape format. Really great to read on pc.

  • Hi Larry,
    I actually have purchased your books twice (apparently got away from them, forgot I had them, and then got back into it and ordered them a second time)…Sooo, as not to order them a third time, I was hoping to get the updated one that was just recently sent out…Can you help me with this…awesome books by the way!!!

  • Hi Larry,
    I purchased your book in February 2009; would appreciate the link for the update. You provide so much valuable information. Thanks so much.

  • If you didn’t get your copy of the update and think you should have just leave a message here or send me an email (Larry at lohrman dot com) and I’ll email you a copy.

  • Hi Larry,
    Could you send me the link for the book up date again? I bought the books this past year and I cannot find your email. I may have thought it was something else and didn’t save it.

    Thank you,

    David Dewing

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