Scott Hargis’s Lighting For Real Estate Video Series Has Launched!

February 12th, 2012

After going through Scott Hargis’s Lighting For Real Estate Photography video series and I have to say that I’m very impressed with both the production quality and Scott’s direct understandable explanations.

Ever since I met Scott at the PFRE two day workshop in Seattle in 2008 and saw Scott explain his lighting small flash interior lighting technique I knew it was significant and I’ve wanted him to get it captured so others could easily learn it. The ebook Scott and I created in 2010 was a first big step. But capturing Scott’s direct explanation on video is a learning tool that goes to the next level. This series I believe very much like attending one of Scott’s workshops but much cheaper!

This video series is going to save you a huge amount of time if you learn and follow Scott’s approach to getting the shoot right in the camera rather than depending on hours post processing time after the shoot is over.

Scott and Malia have done an stunning job of distilling an explanation of Scott’s Interior Lighting technique and presenting it in a very understandable form. They also made a great decision to host the video on which means you can watch the video anywhere (even on your smart phone) and have it play smoothly. I watched much of this series on my iPad.

I highly recommend this video series for anyone shooting real estate!


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4 Responses to “Scott Hargis’s Lighting For Real Estate Video Series Has Launched!”

  • I bought it Friday as soon as I received the e-mail and I must say it was the best money I have spent so far with regards to improving my interior photography. The tips work and the explanations make sense. I watched the entire series on Saturday and implemented many of the tips this morning at my 1st appointment. I finished my photos in the camera just as Scott recommends…with great results. I highly recommend it to anyone who is shooting real estate.

  • I finished watching it this morning and I agree, Scott and Malia ROCKED IT!! I’ve had a copy of Scott’s book for quite sometime but these videos are much easier to ingest and understand. Well done Scott & Malia!

  • I’m ready for a “second season”.

    Great job!

  • I purchased these videos. The videos are fantastic, easy to follow and scott is a natural

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