PFRE Photographers of The Month Contest Will Now Be Decided By The PFRE Jury

February 6th, 2012

We already have a bunch of very fine shots entered in the February PFRE photographer of the month contest.The rules have been modified to make the winner decided by Jury. The rule modifications are in red text on the contest page. These rule changes are as a result of the discussion and poll we had earlier on this subject and are intended to make sure the quality is kept to a high consistent standard.To summarize the changes:

  1. Submissions are now accepted until the 15th of the month.
  2. Comments on the photos in the contest flickr group are encouraged but are no longer used to decide the winner.
  3. The winner is now decided by a panel of jurors (see the contest page for a list of jurors) who are experienced real estate and architectural photographers. This happens between the 15th and the end of the month.
I want to thank the all the jurors that have volunteered to participate on the panel.
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9 Responses to “PFRE Photographers of The Month Contest Will Now Be Decided By The PFRE Jury”

  • Good: the juror system is a great improvement

    Bad: there are 10 too many jurors.

  • @Mike- Why is 13 jurors a bad thing? Some may not participate every month.

  • it’s a great thing. good move. now we have an established control over the photo quality.
    imo a noob can’t analyse a photo and say if it’s good or bad. Also eliminates the risk of fraud.
    Looking forward to see the next contest.

  • I just feel that decision by committee isn’t the best way to go about something like this, it’s like not much has changed, just that a more select group gets to vote. I do think that it’s your site and you should just (or with the help of a couple others) pick the best in the group (and also that you get to do it however you want because you’re in charge ;)). I know I’m armchair quarterbacking here, but sometimes it’s just more effective for less people to make decisions.

    Plus, if it’s just you, I have someone to direct my rage at when i lose!! 🙂

  • Simply disappointed that all of us that are wannabe winners can no longer have our opinion count due to the fact that in one month a person stacked the deck for one photo. Seems a little overkill to me. I sure would like for those that are verified PFRE members to still have a voice in the selection somehow.

  • Holy cow! I just checked out the entries. There are some killer photos. There are about 5 photos that I would love to know who took them. Larry- at the end of the contest, do you give away the photographers names?

    There is some serious competition this month.

  • @Jonathan- Sure, there’s no reason why during the last week of the month I couldn’t post the names of the photographers. Sounds like a good idea.

  • Thanks Larry- for all the time and effort you put out to deal with the issue and come up with (in my opinion) a fair solution. Thanks also to the panel who are willing to give of their time.



  • I am very happy that you switched it to a jury run contest. I quit entering because I never really liked the way the contest winner was decided. I think having it professionally judged will bring more of a since of professionalism overall.

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