Scott DuBose of San Jose, CA Voted January Real Estate Photographer of The Month

January 31st, 2012

It’s now February so we have a new PFRE Photographer of the Month for January.

The winner is Scott DuBose of San Jose, CA. Congratulations Scott! You can click on the photo to the right to see a larger version.

Scott’s victory speech is as follows:

This is a huge honor for me since I admire the work of all the previous winners.  To be considered in the same category as those folks makes me very happy.
This particular home is easily the most expensive home I’ve photographed, some people remark what a cool looking hotel it is.  No it actually is a home, built by a cofounder of a successful high company and is 9,000 square foot of living space on three acres in an exclusive area.  This base photo is the result of enfusing multiple exposures, replacing the sky and pool (the pool cover was in place and not very attractive), and cloning out pool furniture at the far end of the pool.  Everything else is as shot, without further enhancement except for levels and color balance.
I found real estate photography about 10 years ago and tried to learn as much as possible from online resources.  At that time there was very little information devoted to real estate photography so I did the best I could.  After taking a five year break to work with friends on their startup company (unrelated to PFRE), I was very pleased to discover your blog and the flickr groups.  I immediately scoured all the posts from the very start and have learned so much from that wonderful community.  Thank you Larry and thank you all the PFRE group folks I consider to be mentors.
Note that despite the discussion last week on how we decide on winners for this monthly contest, the natural voting chose Scott as the winner so I didn’t have to make any executive decisions about disqualifying votes. However, the discussion we had made me realize that we need to have a panel of judges choose the winner rather than just voting. I’ll be announcing modified rules before we start February’s contest.
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8 Responses to “Scott DuBose of San Jose, CA Voted January Real Estate Photographer of The Month”

  • Congrats Scott! Great image, quite an example for all of us doing this!

  • Congratulations Scott! Fantastic shot!

  • Beautifully captured and processed. If ou had not mentioned the pool was photoshoped in I would never have guessed, reflection too! Thanks for sharing.

  • Gratz Scott!

  • Great job. How did you put in the reflection?

  • Thanks guys… the pool cover was stuck in place, ripped and had leaves on it so not usable for the final image. I found another pool photo to use mainly for the color and pasted that. Then copied the home layer, flipped vertically and pasted in color mode, did a slight motion blur and adjusted the opacity to make it look natural.

  • Scott, it’s a beautiful image and a well-deserved win. Congratulations!

  • Way to go brother! You ARE the best! Paul

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