How To Choose A Real Estate Photographer

January 30th, 2012

Last week  PFRE reader and real estate photographer Mike Lefebvre sent me a link to an video of an interview that he had with Steve Pacinelli of

I think the thrust of this interview is important. That is, there are a lot of people trying to shot for agents that have not taken the time and energy to learn the business interior photography so agents need to understand how to distinguish a real professional from an amateur  that hasn’t learned how to shoot interiors.

Thanks Mike and Steve for this important discussion.

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11 Responses to “How To Choose A Real Estate Photographer”

  • I never thought about it before, but when an agent asks about my lighting technique as suggested in the video, I do puff out my chest a little, take a bit more pride in my work, and subconsciously respect that agent a tiny bit more.

  • Steve’s lighting is better than Mike’s! I’m just sayin’…

  • In my defense Dave, Steve was at his home studio and caught me on Skype at the office on short notice. With more preparation I would have set-up a proper studio…

  • Sorry Mike! Nonetheless, great discussion and points raised – I’m thinking of showing this to some of the more difficult-to-win-over agents I’ve not had much success with.

  • Great job Steve and Mike and Kudos to Larry for spreading the word and raising the standards!

  • Great video

    however, I still don’t understand this push for 30 photos or more on the MLS

    there just are not 30+ photos in a 3k sqft cookie cutter tract home. I mean, 12 photos of the home and exterior, and what, 18 photos of faucets and door knobs? 🙂

  • Sorry Mike, but if I was an agent, after watching this I’d be thinking, “OK, 30 photos plus slideshow for $100 is what I’m anticipating to pay”. This was your chance as kind of a spokesman for PFRE photographers to provide realistic expectations for agents and you should have used a more typical price and number of photos – even Larry’s price that you eluded to was bottom $150. I know you said “You get what you pay for”, but agents will use this video as a basis for their evaluating potential photographers. I was hoping you would also mention in the good questions to ask about usage rights. This would educate agents that what they pay for is not ownership of the images. Yeah, that’s probably a hindsight thing and being on short notice, you probably didn’t have much time to prepare. Perhaps you could request a follow-up with him.

  • I agree with Shawn on this. This was a good opportunity to educate agents on what they should realistically pay for a professional photographer, and it’s certainly not $100.

  • With regards to standards and pricing, there’s always the IAAP. On the other hand, any interest in revisiting Larry’s IAREP initiative ( PFRE seems to be getting some good press recently because of the Photographer of the Month competition.

  • Hey Mike, I went by your website and I couldn’t help but notice that you don’t have any samples of you work on there. Is there a reason you don’t have a portfolio for prospective clients to see? And if you do have one on there – I couldn’t find it and I am also a web designer. Just curious.

  • It was mentioned that LA MLS did a study on the impact good images have on a listing… but Mike mentioned another study… but I couldn’t understand him… can you type the name or address where I can read that other study?

    P.S. My website is down…. but the above link will be the opening video.


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