Meet PFRE Reader Alex Grekov of St Petersburg, Russia

January 25th, 2012

Just last week I was looking at the Google Translate Widget at the top left side-bar wondering if it was really being used and if I should leave it there.

Yesterday the friendly universe gave me a clear answer- “YES people are using it.. leave it there!”. Alex Grekov of St Petersburg, Russia contacted me and showed me his work and I ask him some questions, even though I don’t speak Russian and Alex doesn’t speak much English. We talk through Google translate very effectively.

Alex has been a freelance interior photographer in St Petersburg for the last 4 years. He says:

Professional interior photography for real estate is very small here in Russia. The business of interior photography in St. Petersburg and Moscow is a very small group of professional interior photographers. Almost all freelancers. Many of them use flash or halogen light to light their work. Less than 10 photographers in Russia use HDRi-processing. I am one of them, and one of the best.

My work is used in magazines, on the web, for PR, bill-boards. Clients are hotels, real estate agencies, interior design studios, designers and publishing agencies.

I really like working with the interiors, spaces and lines. I find it very interesting. I also enjoy using HDRi post-processing.

The equipment I use is as follows: Canon 5DMKII + Canon EF 17-40/f4L and a tilt-shift lens… what a dream!

Alex also has a blog at He says he’s been blogging for 9 years and has 700 readers. For those that are interested in checking out either of Alex’s sites I suggest using Google the Chrome browser. It will automatically recognize what language the site you are viewing is in and automatically translate it to your native language. works very painlessly.

Thanks Alex for helping me decide to keep my translation widget!

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One Response to “Meet PFRE Reader Alex Grekov of St Petersburg, Russia”

  • I feel the same way as our comrade Alex. The market here still is small. Which is great because all I’ve to do is what was already made in more advanced markets.
    Alex work is great.

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