Another Example Of How To Take Control Of The Presentation Of Your Real Estate Photography

January 22nd, 2012

Last week I did a couple of posts (here and here) on the subject how presentation of real estate photography is a huge factor for the photos to do their job and for the real estate photographer to look their best.

Yesterday a Google alert pointed out a newly listed at 11206 Laurie Dr, Studio City, CA that had a simple, clean, attractive slide show that not only showed off the photography and felt sophisticated. Actually this style of tour seems to be really popular in Southern California. Over the years I’ve seen many variations of this kind of slide show on Southern CA listings. I like the fact that the photos are large and fill the display window, it runs automatically, it will go fullscreen if the viewer chooses, the viewer can control or stop it and yet it still has a place for some branding and text.

The little control mechanism (dots) at the bottom suggested to me that this tour was jQuery based so I decided to figure out who designed the tour and who the photographer is. Here’s what I found:

  1. The core technology is a donationware product built by Sam Dunn which he calls Supersized! jQuery Plugin. If you are geek enough, you can download Sam’s code and host tours yourself. Be sure to give Sam a donation for his work if you download it! Also, notice that Sam can be hired to customize this code for you too in case you are not up to cutting HTML.
  2. The company that shot the photos and used Sam’s Supersized! jQuery for this tour is Los Angeles real estate photography and web design company Swiftpictures operated by Victoria and Adam Pergament.

To me the Swiftpictures package of a shoot, a property site and 50 brochures is a great combination. This is what every listing agent needs. As long as you are selling agents a set of photos, why not include a flyer design and property site/tour too? Let’s face it, the designs for flyers/brochures and property sites that agents choose leave something to be desired.

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6 Responses to “Another Example Of How To Take Control Of The Presentation Of Your Real Estate Photography”

  • I checked out their site, and they did a great job. I especially liked the section they had on all current sites up – a great way to showcase work.

  • First and foremost the pictures on the Swift site are beautiful and his website is clean and simple and easy to navigate. You know exactly what you are getting within seconds of looking at his website. His client websites are also clean and well put together. By packaging everything into one price – the real estate agent knows what is being purchased. Offering the brochure is a great little teaser as well. I am a big believer in packaging and in offering your services at a decent rate and $399 is more than adequate for the special.
    However, looking at his regular packages – I see that up to 50 pictures are offered. This is something that I personally don’t understand (an opinion only). After the first 10 money shots – how many more pictures does it take to sell a house. 10 money shots, maybe 5 neighborhood or stock shots and then maybe a few detail shots – Ok so we are at 20. But unless there is something really unique like a bowling alley or a shooting range in the basement, I’m not sure how to get up to 50 deliverable shots. And, depending on the time allowed, how much time will the average real estate photographer be in the home to shoot 50 well shot pictures.
    On a scale of 1-10 I give the swift marketing package and website a 10+ for its originality, clean lines and great product offering.

  • People who view the property details (button at top right) see a text box that looks pretty, but the words are a very small text size and hard to read, especially on a black semi-transparent background with the photo showing underneath, even on my new large monitor.

  • could only agree with the post. In 2010, we found the Jquery plugin very attractive and decided to implement it on our site for Spain, reserving the feature to the collaborators capable of uploading a great set of quality pictures. We’ve then wrapped it up under our autentica’s hood and it gives the right impact and sense of microsite which was desired.

  • @Vincent- Nicely done!

  • thanks for the review. We have been working in Los Angeles and Southern California for many years and have seen the evolution of needs and expectations by owners, buyers and agents. So on one hand most expectations have risen significantly, their is still not a complete consensus on the value of great photos by all. I don’t understand why as photos are the first thing any buyer or renter looks at in evaluating a property. A quick footnote, selling a property with pictures is aimed at getting buyers in the door and here in LA we have a wide range of pricing and home sizes, thus the need for up to 50 photos in some instances, especially on homes over 4000+ sq.ft. Also, if you are renting a property, often the more pictures the better to accurately reflect the features and amenities.

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