Tell The US Congress Not to Censor the Internet!

January 17th, 2012

Today I’m breaking from my normal policy of not posting about political issues. Opposing the Protect IP/SOPA bills is just too important to let slide.

Many sites in the US  today (Wed 1/18) are completely blacked out in an expression of protest against Protect IP/SOPA bills that are very close to being passed in the US Congress. I’ve decided not to  completely black out PFRE today but rather do this post expressing protest against Protect IP/SOPA. Here are are three things I urge readers to do:

  • Watch this 4:20 video about  the Protect IP/SOPA bills.
  •  Use this page to contact your Congress person if you are in the US or the US State Department if you are outside the US. This is a global censorship issue. If you can find the time write (as in snail mail) your Congress member or call them on the phone. Frankly they don’t really understand email or tweets that much. They understand better when their phone center becomes completely shutdown because it has so many calls and their staff can’t handle all the calls.
  • Join the strike if you operate a website or blog here’s how.

These bills will pass unless we standup and say no! The Internet is just too important part of free speech to censor!

Update  1/18 19:00 UTC: Check out the coverage on this subject at

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