Using The Digital Magazine Format To Stay In Front of Your Clients and Generate More Business

January 12th, 2012

 PFRE reader Ron Rosenzweig showed me his digital magazine called Florida Designer Homes Magazine that he launched last summer for the purpose of keeping his name in front of potential clients and making contacts with new clients. Ron describes setting up the magazine as follows:

I set up a website to host the publication as well as using it as a focal point for updates in the custom home real estate sector. Several clients came forth with sponsorship for the magazine in the form of advertising, much like a traditional print publication. The target audience of the magazine are those professionals in the massive but depressed construction and real estate businesses. The benefits of this promotional effort include putting my clients work in front of prospective connections as well as showcasing my architectural photography. Interior designers, architects, building contractors and realtors are keen to network together in hopes of developing relationships that will lead to referrals and new work.

Florida Designer Homes magazine has further lead to the creation of an informal series of networking events that provide a platform for making new connections within the construction/real estate industry. In recent months we have had a cabinet showroom, an interior designer and a large realtor host the events and provide refreshments and hors d’oeuvres. There is no substitute for actual face time in making introductions and having an opportunity in a relaxed atmosphere to begin a business relationship.

Ron says Florida Designer Homes is responsible for more than 300  new connections on LinkedIn.

Ron has also used this digital magazine platform fo an online real estate presentation for a newly constructed vacation rental home on Hutchinson Island near Stuart Florida. This presentation is designed for prospective renters. One of the strengths of this platform is that it is iPad and iPhone friendly so it provides maximum access.

It occurred to me that this eMagazine presentation format is very similar concept to that many photographers use a blogs for, where they discuss what they are shooting and show their recent work. The eMagazine format may be easier for many people to relate to because most people are more familiar with the magazine format than the blog form of presentation. Ron uses for his digital magazines but there are many different sites on the net that let you do the same thing.

Thanks Ron for sharing your approach to marketing with us!

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7 Responses to “Using The Digital Magazine Format To Stay In Front of Your Clients and Generate More Business”

  • This is a great format for showcasing your work, and adding value, without incurring too much cost.
    If you have Adobe Indesign the there are some pretty special things that can be done involving interactivity.
    I see this as a big asset for the future.

  • Yeah … on the same page.. no pun intended. Great way to put ones name out there. It has always grabbed my attention.

    M. James

  • Very cool! I could absolutely see using this format for on-line listing flyers.

  • Very nice.
    While transposing a tour package to magazine format is an interesting approach, this take to a different level. In true magazine business model, were those paid ads spashed through magazine? Paid credits on the other photos, or acknowledging a client base gratis?

  • Thank you Ian, James & Michael,
    Thank you for your feedback, much appreciated.

    Larry G: The ads that you saw in the magazine are paid ads by sponsors who want to piggy back on our mailing list and see the magazine as part of their own email strategy.
    The photo credits (free) are to acknowledge the work of the architect, interior designer or builder involved in that particular project. It is a win-win for everyone involved.
    Best Regards,

  • Ron, you’re absolutely right about advertising being a win win for everyone involved. What a great targeted marketing approach for anyone in related businesses.

  • Very cool. I have reposted and shared the blog with my Facebook and linked in accounts because it is such an impressive marketing tool. What a great product to offer a client – magazine production. I already have several agents in mind to share this with. Thanks again Larry for pointing out a great trend and thanks Ron R. for finding this.

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