Meet Jeffrey Hogue Pennsylvania Realtor That is Passionate About Photography

January 11th, 2012

Last night Jeffrey Hogue a Pennsylvania Realtor sent me some photos of his bucket truck that he has painted to promote himself as a listing agent and photographer. When is the last time you saw a real estate agent that believed strongly enough in marketing and photography that they would go out and buy a bucket truck just to make sure they got good elevated front shots!

All you have to do is look at Jeffrey’s website and it says it all. Jeffrey has great listing photos (better than some professionals) and expresses a true passion for photography and marketing. It’s no accident that Jeffrey has been a top agent in his market for 10 years. Being passionate about marketing is what makes you a top agent.

Jeffrey says:

Several years ago I stumbled onto a web site named “PFRE”. One of the posts was about how photographers take elevated photos of homes. I have always loved photography and wielded a pretty mean camera when taking photos of my listings. Then “PFRE” introduced me to Scott Hargis and I purchased his ebook. That was probably the most expensive book I ever purchased! I went out an bought about $20,000 in Cameras, lenses & lighting that was consistent with what Scott uses. I studied and practiced his techniques for months. This along with my extensive background as a Realtor (18 Years as one of the top in my area), my ability to create real estate web sites and my sheer lust for marketing were not enough. No no, I had to find something that no one had and make it work. I listed a home that was owned by a Tree Specialist and he had a bucket truck. That was it. I took my extreme passion for real estate, photography, web design & marketing and purchased a class 8 (25.000 GVW) bucket truck. I designed the wrap and viola. There it was. The meanest, most beautiful real estate billboard on wheels with a bucket lift for aerial photos of my listings and storage for all my signs. The moral of this story is simple. Invest in yourself and your abilities. It is the best money you will ever spend. The truck has been the talk of the town. It was in the local paper, real estate ads, Active Rain blogs & now PFRE.. What an honor!. Thank you “PFRE” for the inspiration and information to help me go farther.

There are only a handful of real estate agents that can do photography at this level and many of them are PFRE readers and contributors. My hat is off to Jeffrey for the great marketing job he is doing. He is a model for the successful agent.

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12 Responses to “Meet Jeffrey Hogue Pennsylvania Realtor That is Passionate About Photography”

  • I am one of Jeff’s many clients and I can tell you that he is a true professional. I have tremendous respect for Jeff can’t say enough about him as an agent and as a person.

    You hit the nail on the head about his photography. Simply look at his listings vs. the other Relators in the area. HIs photography is on par with the top anywhere.

  • Jeffrey, you’re my new favorite agent in the world. You’ve probably got tons of room inside that bucket truck too I bet. There is one local realtor who has picked up a cube van and painted the side like you have, and if you buy or sell through him, you get to use the van for local moving as well – might provide additional value and leverage. Anyway, good for you for being innovative and creative!

  • THat is great on multiple fronts.

    But why do I get this vision that the inside has a little storage for signs, as noted above, but is really set up like a limo – overstuffed seating and a widescreen TV. He takes clients to view homes in it and has a DVD playing of the homes on the agenda.

  • Jeff,
    You are a true sales profesional with an understanding of what people really need and the abilty to tell someone they are wrong in a very professional way. You have a vision of what will make the customer happy before they know themselves . You continue to challenge your self even after many years of sucess by lloking outside the box and industry for new ideas to improve your marketing. It was a pleasure to deal with you as our agent and we will be shure to reach out to you if we are ever in the market again

  • Great integration with Smugmug with your listings/website. Terrific photography. Talk about adding value to the people who list with you!! I am also pleased to see that the lower end listings still get quality photography. You have raised the bar.



  • If your trying to look like a real photographer you need a tan photo vest with lots of pockets! 🙂

  • Ok … that strikes a new level for Realtors …. watch out. I see a Hogue Franchise in the future. No question it will re-invent the industry.

    M. James

  • I can’t help but smile every time I see a serious agent doing serious photography. The bucket truck is a brilliant idea! I want one! I guess I know what to ask for Christmas next year, lol.

  • Thank you all for your kind comments. Keep on truckin….and Photographin:)

  • I just love seeing stories like this. Amazing.

    You DESERVE all the success you apparently have. Good job, man!

  • On a whim, I started looking into what the cost of implementing something like this would be, albeit on a smaller scale, and found that cable and telephone companies will regularly sell off older fleet vehicles that are equipped with bucket lifts. Obviously its rare inventory, but I’ve been told that you can pick up a 10 year old Ford 350 van with a 35′ Versalift bucket for around 10K here in the Southeast US. I’m not holding my breath, but I have a few feelers out there and as soon as one of the local dealers pick one up I’m off to take a look at it. Thanks again for the inspiration Jeff!

  • I view PFRE all the time but never comment. I’m also a Realtor with a serious passion for photography. You are where I want to be in 10 years. Thanks so much for showing me that all of the work I’m doing now building my real estate business and also working to improve my photography skills will pay off in the future.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

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