Reader Lens and DSLR Polls Are Now On The Lens and Camera Pages

January 10th, 2012

The two reader polls on what lens do you use and what DSLR do you use back in November of 2011 turned out to be very significant and insightful. Unfortunately that post has moved down to about the third page of the blog so people that need and want to see it probably won’t find it unless they are clever searchers.

I’ve wanted to put these two polls on the lens and camera pages so that people looking at the lens and camera pages trying to decide which lens and body is best for them can see what other real estate photographers are choosing. I finally figured out the HTML to get those polls on the lens and camera pages respectively. It’s not as pretty as I’d like but it works and I think it is useful. In the mean time I’m looking for a web mechanic that can cook me up a prettier table with a usage poll on each line. I’m sure there’s some 12 year old out there that can cook it up for me in no time.

So as I write this I’ve got the poll on the lens page and will be putting the poll on the Camera page tomorrow.

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4 Responses to “Reader Lens and DSLR Polls Are Now On The Lens and Camera Pages”

  • Great idea, Larry, as it makes it more accesssable.

    I am not great with HTML and well past 12 y/o, a couple of suggestions. On both pages, may want to give a title heading, such as “Results of poll taken Nov 2011” and have an intro line for understanding the poll – particurally on the lens page. Lens (and cameras) listed in order of votes received within their category. “Ranking” is not related to the poll results, but the score given at the link. Finally, on the camera page, probably needs a carriage/paragraph return (hey – I’m old, a typewriter reference) to separate it from the header. Currently, it is beginning (at least on IE9) where the header ends and extending the page further to the right . It is reachable by horizonal scrolling, but much of it is off-screen when initially loaded.

  • Shouldn’t the Canon 14mm f/2.8L II USM be in the Canon full-frame section? It’s in the Canon 1.6x category (i.e. APS-C designed lenses).

  • Larry, its funny that you should ask, I am in Web design class at SCTI, in Sarasota FL and we will be learning HTLM 5.I should have it done by 2013.
    being visual people, HTML is an abstrct concept for some of us non-geeks but essential…….sometimes.

    here are some sites for free: this is free tutorials on html I think the CSS is what you need to know to make the site nice looking as it creates the prety style

    if not, check with any local art schools that teach graphic dsigns codeing and find a 15 year old. these kids are amaizing and grow up learning codes…….some of these things hurt my head.
    Good luck, hope this works Eric

  • Thanks for the feedback on these. I’ve decided to hire some professional help in making these pages look better and work better.

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