Lightroom 4 Public Beta Released

January 9th, 2012

I was just about ready to call it a day but I just noticed that Adobe just put up LR 4 Beta for download. So I thought I’d pass that along.

It looks like LR finally understands video. Here are a couple of places to get more info on what’s new in this release:

  3. Lightroom Killer Tips
  4. NAPP LR 4 Launch Center
More to come on this later.
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9 Responses to “Lightroom 4 Public Beta Released”

  • downloaded it
    looks like some new stuff to learn. no more ‘recovery’ slider was the first thing I noticed
    and it seems like, with each new release, it runs slower and slower…

  • Karl- Yea, the recovery slider has changed to highlights, shadows, whites, blacks sliders. The whole thing works way better than it did before… much more control.

  • yeah, been watching the videos – pretty soon may never have to leave LR to do finer adjustments in PS!

  • The adjustment brush slider was “broken” in my opinion, when you feathered the brush. In all of my photos, it seemed in the area where the effect was being feathered/blended, the picture ended up being “torn up” or “blotched”. It sorta looked OK until you zoomed in to any degree. Any one else notice that? Wonder if that has been fixed in version 4? Any work I’ve done to date with the adjustment brush has been with an unfeathered brush and I varied the effect with the flow adjustment and being really careful around the edges. Time consuming, but workable. Now the gradient tool – love it!

  • The adjustment brushes have been changed in LR4. Mostly to be able to brush more things. I just tried the brushes in LR4 and I still don’t like the way they feel compared to Aperture brushes. Aperture brushes are wonderful and feel intuitive, smooth and work just like you expect brushes should work. Lightroom brushes function in a delayed way… you make a movement and a 1/2 sec or sec later the effect happens… LR4 brushes drive me crazy. And I have all plenty of hardware.. I5 processor with 16Gig RAM.

  • Yea Larry; responsiveness has really never been LR’s strong suit! I saw the videos over at Kelby Training about the new enhancements for LR4 which was what brought up the question in my mind to begin with. Not sure I’m going to get the beta to play with or not. Don’t really have the time for that right now anyway. With the announcement of LR4 beta, you know Photoshop CS6 will be right around the corner. Time to start saving for the big upgrade!

  • I thought maybe it was just me.. my machine is fast, but I thought maybe I have LR setting off or something. and I did notice playing with the new brush the delay – even turning a module off and on to see before and after there seems to be a delay now

    otherwise, they have really done a good job making it much more robust. and even on import the presets are now grouped by folders so no more scrolling through 300 presets!

    and the book feature looks to be cool – not sure if I would ever use it, but I could see some possible uses

  • One of my favourite recent features in LR was Lens Corrections – no more exporting to PS plus the result is usually better. However, there’s always been an intermittent problem where a grey arc would appear at the top of some photos after the Constrain Crop checkbox was selected. My usual fix (and there are several) involves opening the Crop Overlay tool, dragging the crop border box so that it’s within the photo’s edges, selecting the Constrain to Warp checkbox then dragging the crop border back to the edge of the photo. Adobe included a supposed fix in v3.6 but I still get the problem, albeit somewhat less frequently. It sometimes affects images after changing the aspect ratio (i.e. from 3:2 to 4:3, as when outputting to 800×600 pixels) – the same photo in full high res is OK but the smaller one suddenly has a grey arc. Still, it’s beats outputting to PS to straighten verticals but it’s nonetheless frustrating when you’re in a hurry.

    Anyone else have this problem? If so, how do you fix it?

  • Don’t judge LR4’s performance too much. While it’s in beta, there’s all sorts of extra code in their for debugging. When it’s fully released, that code will be taken out and performance should improve.

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