Advice From The World’s Top Real Estate Photographer

January 6th, 2012

Dave Rezendes, who PFRE readers recently chose as PFRE Photographer of the year is getting great press. Today the AOL Real estate blog ran a feature article on Dave his work and his advice for shooting real estate. In addition AGBeat also did an article on Dave winning PFRE photographer of the year. AGBeat has been covering the results of the PFRE photographer of the month for most of 2011.

The only thing that AOL didn’t get right is is we didn’t we didn’t vote Dave the top real estate photographer in America, we voted him the top real estate photographer in the world! That is, anyone on the planet can enter the PFRE photographers of the month voting and we have photographers from all over the world winning PFRE photographer of the month.

As I told Dave, now he has to raise his rates to just keep his workload from going through the roof!

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5 Responses to “Advice From The World’s Top Real Estate Photographer”

  • Congratulations Dave! Keep up the good work!!

  • Congratulations are in order, well done.

  • “real estate photography has flourished into a powerful and lucrative little industry. … that has earned many photographers professional prestige and, well, big bucks.” Wha??? I think maybe the 20/80 rule applies.

  • Congratulations – I can feel a book coming on!

  • Congratulations! Nice job. And the article is being picked up by other new outlets, such as Inman News as well. Gotta luv it!

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