Adelaide Real Estate Videographers Help Agent Win Multimillion Dollar Deal

December 21st, 2011

Michael Stentiford principal at See it Now Marketing Solutions Ltd sent me this video that his tream did for Michele Alexandrou of Smallacombe Burnside of Adelaide Australia.

Michele was 1 of 4 agents completing for the right to sell a large apartment development. As Michael describes it:

We got approached by one of our agents who was putting together a bid for the right to sell a large apartment development, they where 1 of 4, we suggested they create a video which we scripted and subsequently shot for them. Two versions where created, one specific to the bid and then certain shots where redone to make it applicable in a generic use for future apartment bids.

One the day of the presentation which was done over a lunch, we had set up a projector and screen in an adjacent room which could be opened up to and they watched the video.

The bottom line was our agent was successful and secured the opportunity to sell a development worth many million’s.

I think this is a great example of how a couple of minutes of well done video can make anyone look much more professional than a traditional power point presentation. This is part of Michele’s thank you letter to Michael and his team.

Dear Michael and Team,

It is hard to write what I really feel, I think this was your best work as it was my best Presentation I have ever done. When I was asked to put my pitch to my Client, I called in to pick your brains about the Visual side of what to present, I was going to use the more paper Presentation, but after discussing it with you I could see the benefits of the visual side of the presenting, I don’t think my pitch would of been so convincing if I didn’t use it …

Warmest Regards
Michele Alexandrou

Clearly well done video is very powerful in presenting most concepts or projects. The fact is that nowadays anyone can use a couple of minutes of video to present themselves or a project they are doing is a total game changer. The challenge is to demonstrate and convince people and clients about the power of video.

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  • Congratulations Michael, great example of the use of video

  • Great Work Michael. Congrats.

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