Commercial for Broker using Video to Market Property

December 18th, 2011

Heath Cowart Just sent me a wonderful little video commercial that he and  real estate broker David Holloway created to promote David’s brokerage and video work. Heath says:

The idea was David’s. He created a storyboard and I found the actress and location. We used another video that I shot for David last summer to play on the computer monitor. We shot the actress scenes in about 2 hours with a Canon 5d and 7D with a Ziess 50mm, and a Sigma 30mm, a 4ft jib and Sony Lav mics. We used Adobe After Effects to mask the color.

I think this commercial comes across very well. I must add that the story line is not that unrealistic in that people do make home buying decisions from the internet. We have sold listings to buyers that never saw the home other than the internet presentation (360 images in out case) although it probably happens more in a fast markets like it was back in 2005 or 2006 than the current market.

Nice job Heath and David!

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11 Responses to “Commercial for Broker using Video to Market Property”

  • Very nice… I like it!

  • Larry,

    Thanks for posting this. I really appreciate it. Fred, thanks for the compliment(It means a lot – I am a big fan by the way!)

    I just wanted to say that both Heath and Melinda are such a pleasure to work with – I took the idea to Heath – and he just ran with it!! Such a pleasure to work with such a talents!

    Thanks – David

  • It’a not unrealistic at all. I’ve sold three homes over the past few years to out of state buyers that never actually set foot inside the home until after they bought it. All of them mentioned that between their agent and the photos and/or video, they were able to gather enough info to feel good about making a site-unseen purchase. In fact, it was the first time that this happened that made me, as a listing agent, realize how important quality photography and video really are…

  • Thanks guys, we are re visiting all of our systems to make sure our videos continue to improve. Our clients are closing properties and telling us that the want to pour the profits into even more videos next year so we’ve got to be ready.

  • Great Job Heath, David & Melinda. Hope you get to enjoy some down time over the Christmas period.

  • Living and working in the resort community of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, I too have experienced real estate transactions that the buyers had never seen the property in person. They bought just on the pictures and video. I have been using video for years to sell real estate – both in marketing real estate for sellers and in working with out of town buyers who can’t hop on a plane every time a new listing comes on the MLS. Great job Heath and David.

  • Great work Heath. I recently had an experience where the husband wanted to make an offer on a home, and the wife was 2000 miles away. She was not conviced by the stills, but once she saw the video, she was all in.

  • Well done! Excellent example of how powerful a great video can be!

  • Great job and concept. You had to watch the whole video!

  • Great job. This is not as easy to produce as it looks. The key to this is the story board, the editing and the professional shooting! Successful video is hard to do and this is a really good one!

  • One more thing – this is inspirational to all of us who already do video, but even more so for those of us who want to do video. Larry thanks for providing such good selections for us to be inspired by – a great way to start the year!

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