The Best Full Frame Video Camera On Sale

December 16th, 2011

I noticed that there are significant price reductions on the 5DMKII at both Amazon and B&H. I thought they are significant enough that I shoud pass this along.

  1. Amazon – Body only for $2175 USD
  2. B&H (Sale is over now)- Body only with SanDisk 16GB Extreme Pro CompactFlash Card & Lowepro Adventura 170 Shoulder Bag & Red Giant B&H Video Production Software Bundle $1999 USD. Plus free shipping in the US.

I should mention that you may be able to find the 5DMKII for less at some other online locations but Amazon and B&H are the only ones I would recommend.

The 5DMKII is sill the best full frame video camera available. The D3s is full frame too but only does 720p.

It’s also worth mentioning that according to the readers of this blog the 5DMKII is the most popular real estate photography/video camera out there.

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10 Responses to “The Best Full Frame Video Camera On Sale”

  • A word of caution: If you’re purchasing from one of Amazon’s resellers I’d be wary of buying anything too expensive. For the most part I’m sure most resellers are okay to do business with but I’ve been scammed a few times now by resellers selling knock offs (but claiming they’re the real thing). Amazon will help rectify the situation to a certain extent (you’ll get your money back) but they do nothing about the reports of fraudulent resellers. You’d be better off purchasing directly from B&H, Adorama, Amazon directly or your local camera stores.

  • I have noticed that in the past when B&H drops the price on a Canon high end camera, a new model comes out in short order.I expect we’ll see a 5D MK III or maybe a 3D MK 1 soon.

  • Echo Dan, most times if the B&H people drop a price and send their best customers free shipping offers, my friend got an offer for free shipping on this, a new one is around the corner. Still a great price if you want this version.

  • Second on Amazon. Be careful with the resellers. things can go quickly bad with some of them with very little recourse from Amazon

  • I bought a 60D body and a 16gb card from B&H a couple of weeks ago. I had trouble with the card not ejecting from the new camera but I tried other cards and they ejected just fine. I called them and they said we can’t do anything about the card since you opened it but we’ll send you a new body and see if that helps? I guess that’s good customer service. I kept the body here, for the cost to ship it back, I bought a couple of new cards!

  • I think it doesn’t make any sense to buy a new camera right now.

    There were several major announcements about new cameras that are going to be released for sale in the next few weeks/months. No rumours, really brand announcements. It’s unusual but it’s because of the Thailand floods that destroyed part of the fabs, so many cameras were delayed.
    And even if you want a current generation camera (not much sense anyway) the price will drop a lot when new cameras became available.
    Canon 1Dx, Canon 7D II, Canon 5D III, Nikon D4, Nikon D800, Nikon D400 etc. And the improvements in video in these new cameras will be great.

  • Canon finally dropped the refurbished price for the 5dII to 1700, its been 2000 forever (even after everyone dropped the new prices to 2k) but they sold out pretty quick. Keep your eye out for more stock though:

  • I just noticed that the 5D MkII is one of Amazon’s Light it Deals today at 4:15 pm Eastern. Not sure what the price will be but thought someone on here might like to know.

  • I actually sell a little bit on Amazon..If it says “fulfillment by amazon” That means it’s almost like buying it from Amazon directly. They have the item in Amazon’s warehouse and Amazon will take care of any shipping and customer service issues.

    It’s great for sellers..since I use their warehouse and they ship things super fast, cheap and buyers get to use the Prime Shipping feature which is FREE 2-day shipping!

    Just my two cents lol

  • 2012 is off to a great start. People seem to have an interest in buying this year. 2011 business was down, but that is real estate. Great website here. Best of luck to everyone in 2012, realtors, purchasers and sellers.

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