John Harrington’s Best Business Practices For Photographers

December 13th, 2011

Several years ago, I pointed out John Harrington’s great book, Best Business Practices for Photographers. Since that time he’s put out a second edition that has even more great information on photographic business practices so I think it’s worth pointing out again.

I highly recommend John Harrington’s book even though it’s aimed more towards the editorial, advertising, commercial photographer, there’s tons of great stuff for real estate shooters as well. Especially informative are the book’s many “case studies” covering a wide variety of topics where Harrington includes actual contracts and e-mail conversations with clients. His pricing policies and thoughts on getting paid what you deserve are enlightening.

I believe Harrington’s book is a must have for real estate photographers.

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3 Responses to “John Harrington’s Best Business Practices For Photographers”

  • We have purchased the first edition and have found it to be quite useful and informative. We Highly recommend it.

  • If you run a photography business or are trying to run a photography business, you need to own this book, plain and simple.

  • It is the only photography that I have ever read that doesn’t have a photo in it! OK, it does have lots of illustrations of estimates, invoices, spreadsheets, you know all the fun stuff. Moreover, John has done his homework – and yours too – because his book will save you time and money by keeping you from making many of the mistakes he made before he learned all this. Thank you, John and Larry both!!
    Happy Holidays!

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