A Shitty Day In Paradise

December 10th, 2011

Many years ago there used to be a bumper sticker  they sold here on Maui that read “Ho-hum, another shitty day in Paradise“. Last night we arrived on Maui for a little sun break. About this time of year in the Northwest you tend to forget what the sun and warmth from it feels like. The sun here today has been peaking out from the clouds so the locals consider this shitty weather but compared to the weather in the Northwest right now, 80 degrees with scattered showers feels pretty good!

I shot this photo with my new iPhone 4s this morning off the balcony of the place we are staying a couple of miles north of Lahaina. When I saw this rainbow I immediately thought of Scott Hargis’s great iPhone shot in Spain. Scott’s is way better! I like the way the rainbow goes right onto the property.

This trip is the first time I’ve left most of my “real camera gear” home and just am going to shoot vacation photos with my iPhone. Over the last 10 years where I don’t intend to do any serious shooting, all I bring is something like my Canon G9. I brought the G9 this time but I intend to leave it in my suitcase as a backup. My goal is to see if I like the iPhone 4s as well as the G9. I believe that in the very near future cameras like the on in the iPhone will reduce the number of point and shoot cameras. I love having the internet connected to my camera (iPhone) all the time and every still I shoot appears on my MacBook Pro with no action on my part.

So far I’m really happy with the iPhone 4s for quality of still images and the fact it I can carry it everywhere and there’s no big bulge in my pocket. The iPhone video is better quality than the old G9 because it shoots full HD.

This is a warning that I won’t be quite as fast on responding this next week because this weather and the beach down there is very distracting.

Oh, by the way, any PFRE readers on Maui?

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16 Responses to “A Shitty Day In Paradise”

  • It’s 7 degrees here in Steamboat Springs . . . Enjoy Larry. I’m jealous.

  • I’ll be in Kauai next week…. is that close?

  • Fred- Three Islands Northwest of Maui… About 204 miles as the seagull flys.

  • Yikes…. leaving my seagull wings in Boston! You can tell I’ve never been!

  • Hi Larry,
    Hope you have a wonderful time in beautiful Hawaii.
    During Vietnam, I joined the Navy and was sent from my home on Long Island (which I had never been away from) to Pearl Harbor. I’ve never seen such a beautiful place in my life. I was a Navy cook so we would be up very early and watch the sunrise over the mountains. Never seeing a real rainbow before (except in the wizard of OZ) I was overwhelmed when we saw “double rainbows” over the Arizona memorial, which was just a magnificent view. I can’t believe you are in such a magnificent place armed only with an I-phone. You should be walking around with an 8×10 or 16×20 view camera…….. Hope you get to see Pearl Harbor; it is not to be missed, especially since they just had their 70th Anniversary.
    Haven’t been back since 1969, but would love to bring my wife and family.

  • What app is that which sends your Iphone shot to the Macbook?

  • Bart- there isn’t a special app for this.. it’s just the way the built-in camera app works if you have IOS 5 and have iCloud and Photostream turned on. Still photos only are uploaded from your iPhone to your Photostream whenever wifi access is available. Your photostream is available on all your devices iPad Mac’s that support Photostream.

    I didn’t realize it only uploaded on wifi until yesterday… the place we are staying doesn’t have wifi and the photos I took didn’t upload until I went into a Starbucks. Once they uploaded I just opened Aperture which has access to photo stream and they were there.

    My guess, is that in the future video files will work the same way… now videos have to be explicitly imported.

  • It is really tough having to endure living here in paradise. I you guys can help console me.

    Warmest Alohas from the Big Island!!

    (By the way it is snowing on Mauna Kea today!)


  • Eric- The problem is if I was carrying a 8×10, or even my 5DMKII with my 24-70mm, 70-200mm I’d be taking FAR fewer photos, I’d be continually worried about it being stolen from my trunk. The point is, now that I can carry a 8MegaPixel camera that shoots full HD video in my pocket I don’t need to carry 30 or 40 lbs of gear to get very respectable quality results.

  • Ethan- I can believe it… here in on Maui it is raining and blowing like crazy!

  • Yep, I live here on Maui in Kihei at the southside. Aloha and have a wonderful visit.

  • Larry – Interesting comments on the 4S. I too use it much more than my previous iPhone camera. Coupled to Camera +, I can shoot do a quick edit and post to Facebook or Flickr very quickly. It is very handy having a half way decent camera with one all the time that takes up so little room.

    Enjoy the Islands,

    M. James

  • MJ- Yes, I like Camera + as well. Thanks.

  • Larry it has been raining and snowing on the mountain here too! Hopefully will clear up soon!

  • I live on Hawaii’s Big Island. Aloha and Mahalo for this great site!

  • Ah Yes… My favorite Christmas tree is a palm tree.

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