Brokers Starting To Embrace Property and Live Style Video

December 6th, 2011

Heath Cowart who works in western North Carolina sent me this example of a life style video project that he recently did for Beverly Hanks and Associates, a large broker in his area. Notice that the Beverly Hanks website from page has a 3:50 clip from Heath’s complete 16 min live style video.

Heath points out that this broker is actually helping their agents create and script videos. Heath says:

This brokerage also has in house script support that is helping brokers break out of the virtual tour mindset and embrace more of a real estate commercial style script. I have actually had several meetings and lots of discussions with their marketing dept on how to create a system that brokers can use to create great scripts and ideas. Once the broker creates a script using our system it goes back to the marketing dept for refinement then to me so we can set up a date. This saves me time and keeps the quality high. The brokerage splits the cost of the video with the broker.

I think wider acceptance of video by brokers is inevitable. Anyone trained in marketing will recognize the strengths and importance of professional video ads. I believe if you just get your  top quality video work out there so it is seen the marketing savvy people in large brokerages will recognize the benefits and be your biggest advocate.

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8 Responses to “Brokers Starting To Embrace Property and Live Style Video”

  • Larry
    Thanks for posting this. I have done around 15 videos for Beverly Hanks and associates since September and they seem more enthusiastic then ever about doing more videos, pushing the limits on quality, and getting more creative. Great videos really do pay back and once a broker or brokerage starts to see the returns it is an easy decision to do more.
    Your last paragraph has an important point. I didn’t seek business from Beverly Hanks, I just started making the best possible real estate videos that I could with a few close clients and Michael Phelan, the Vice President of Marketing contacted me. He follows this blog and was familiar with most of the leading edge real estate video being produced here and abroad.

  • Kudos to Heath and his team for an outstanding video. Very professional. Being from Youngstown, OH, it made me want to consider moving to western NC! How many RE photogs are there now? Room for one more???
    Seriously, a Great Job!

  • Great job! I’m seeing brokers, especially from smaller boutique agencies coming on board more and more. They understand the huge competitive advantage the get over the big franchises.

    Not sure on the length of this though… 13 minutes is pretty long. I would split it into 4 separate videos. You’ll get far better SEO with four distinct videos, each optimized for a specific lifestyle. Four videos receive four times the traction as one,mya know?

  • Thanks Fred for your comments. You are right–the length of the video with all of them together is really long. We do have it split into 4 separate videos (planned, historic, urban and rural) and that is the way that we are mainly distributing them.

  • Patrick
    We live in a great place with great people and always have room for more. I am not sure if there are many real estate photographers here. I have heard that the brokerages get a lot of solicitations from photographers so I guess so and I think overall many people make less money here than they would elsewhere but they stay for the lifestyle and culture.
    Fred, we made 4 videos first then combined them. I agree about the competitive advantage, I am seeing a few brokers use video to jump ahead of their competition.

  • This is excellent – I have had the pleasure of working with Heath. Again, he continues to raise the bar – hats off to Heath and Beverly Hanks for a great concept and an awesome final product.

  • Outstanding idea and great work. I too thought about moving after watching this video!

  • Great post. Great work Heath, Us, as well contemplated moving also, as this presentation selling the ideal lifestyle draws you in completely. Anyone luckily enough planning on moving to the area, for sure will be using Beverly Hanks and Associates Realtors in Asheville, NC.

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