Congratulations to PFRE Photographer of The Month For November: Briana Gray

November 30th, 2011

It’s now December in Greenwich and Briana Gray has won the voting for the November PFRE photographer of the month! This is Briana’s second win this year. She was PFRE photographer of the month for May.  We have a bunch of two time winners now, two of them this year.

Here are Briana’s comments on this photo:

I am honored to be a second time PFRE photographer of the month winner. Thank you to everyone who voted for my photo; there were a lot of really good shots this month!

This was a beautiful 5,000 square foot home located on a 1 acre lot in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. It was a fun shoot because its layout and landscaping provided a lot of opportunities for great shots. I love symmetry and I really like to look for at least a few strong, straight-on shots when shooting a house. I think this shot highlights what I like about straight-on angles.

The amount of windows on this house worked really well, too, because it allowed me to contrast the cool twilight light with the warm inside lighting. When shooting a twilight it can be difficult to capture the romantic feeling that contrast provides. Because twilight shoots come with such a limited window of time, I like to bracket my shots to make sure I capture all the right exposures. This allows me to layer my images in Photoshop and make sure everything is evenly exposed.

During December we will be voting on the PFRE Photographer of The Year. The voting will be among all the monthly winners during the year so no photo submissions please. I will have all the 2011 winners posted to the PFRE Photographer of the month soon.

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3 Responses to “Congratulations to PFRE Photographer of The Month For November: Briana Gray”

  • Congratulations Briana – great shot!

  • Gorgeous image … with some amazing photoshop artistry in addition to the great photography.

  • […] month’s winner voted on by her peers is California real estate photographer, Briana Gray who also won in May 2011. Of the above, Gray […]

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