Bruce Willis Needs Some Quality Real Estate Photography for His $15M Home In Sun Valley

November 29th, 2011

Thanks to Richard Lamb of Snoqualmie, WA for pointing out that Bruce Willis is selling his home near Sun Valley (Hailey, ID). It was just listed last week for $15M. The article that Richard saw was this one on the site. Richard’s comment was. “I must say this is some of the worst HDR work I’ve seen anyone do for RE. Just plain awful. It looks like the whole place had some serious smoke damage from a fire!

I agree with Richard, these photos are a pretty disappointing marketing effort for a $15M listing. I did a little research to see if this was typically the way upper-end homes in the Sun Valley area are are marketed. While none of the real estate photography for listings around Sun Valley is what I would call breathtaking, I believe the Bruce Willis’s property has to be some of the worst.

There has to be a real estate photography business opportunity for someone in the Sun Valley area to show the local upper-end real estate agents what good upper-end real estate marketing photography and videography looks like and to teach them how to use it. I think frequently what agents do for marketing homes evolves into a local culture. If there is no outstanding marketing that goes on in the area everyone’s expectations become low and no one even knows what excellent marketing looks like. For comparison remember  92 Sandhill Rd, in Orinda, CA that I did a post on back in June of this year? 92 Sandhill Rd is listed at $7.25M and the marketing is knockout compared to these images of Bruce Willis’s place.

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10 Responses to “Bruce Willis Needs Some Quality Real Estate Photography for His $15M Home In Sun Valley”

  • hmmm the house looks like it is on acid !

  • Gotta love it, someone’s 15 million dollar asset being marketed with what are probably $100 photos.

    Honestly makes me want to get into real estate because I know how much better at marketing I (or everyone here) for that matter, would be.

    People like Iran Watson know what they’re doing. I bet he slays it down there in Atlanta with his marketing know how and great photos.

  • I go through the WSJ Real Estate slide shows all the time – you mostly see multi-million dollar listings with terrible, or at the least, just ‘ok’ photos

    hard to believe it is seems so commonplace in such expensive homes

  • HDR to the MAX!! I has been my experience that the more drastic the tonemapping, the happier the agents are with the results. I think heavy HDR pics like these are hated by photographers but loved by the agents we work for. I choose to hold my nose and give them what they want.

  • I am surprised Mr Willis would even accept this sort of work. @Robby, I’m not sure if I’d hold my nose. Id try educate them. If this is what they demand then they need an education. If I was Bruce I’d go totally Die Hard 1 on them 😉
    +2 for Iran Watson and Mike your no slouch either my friend.

  • These are awful. Worse than the usual “Realtor snapshots”, really. Not only is it clear they are highly processed–which makes it seem like the seller is trying to make things look better than they are (and in this case failing miserably), but they do a really poor job of helping the buyer get a feel for the space. Just awful.

  • I think he needs a new agent! Putting pathetic photos like that would be bad enough for 90k condo (especially with resources like this blog available), let alone $15 million dollar property! Imagine the money this poor marketing is costing Bruce Willis… at least he can afford it.

  • I agree the photos are pretty horrendous but we’re all looking at these photos from a totally different prospective than most. The average person just wants to see what Bruce Willis’ house looks like and is probably pretty darn impressed.
    Additionally, taste is subjective whether it’s photography, music, food or art. After all, people buy those velvet Elvis paintings.

    As far as the RE photo business goes. The saying that always comes to mind…especially in my neck of the woods when it comes to real estate photography is “Doing a good job here is like peeing your pants in a dark suit — you get a warm feeling but no one else notices.” I live in a mid-size market and there is absolutely no demand for quality real estate photography. I’ve found that the top agents don’t use quality photos so they don’t feel a need to and the rest of the pack just doesn’t feel it’s worth the investment.

  • Janine (the Broker0 never called me? Wish she had. Oh Well, small town.

  • You think thats bad, there are some awful HDR’s going around South Bay area of Los Angeles. Have a look for your self, one example of many:

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