Beware: Adobe Is Changing Their Upgrade Pricing For CS6

November 25th, 2011

Adobe recently announced that they are changing their upgrade pricing. The details are buried in this adobe post:

…For customers who prefer to remain on the current licensing model, we will continue to offer our individual point products and Adobe Creative Suite editions as perpetual licenses. With regards to upgrades, we are changing our policy for perpetual license customers. In order to qualify for upgrade pricing when CS6 releases, customers will need to be on the latest version of our software (either CS5 or CS5.5 editions). If our customers are not yet on those versions, we’re offering a 20% discount through December 31, 2011 which will qualify them for upgrade pricing when we release CS6…

So what they are saying is, the only way you are going to get upgrade pricing for CS6 programs is if you already own CE5 or CE5.5 (CS5.5 isn’t considered a full fledged version). This is VERY different than it used to be! You used to be able to use the upgrade version to upgrade from CS4 to CS6. Not any more no more skipping versions if you want to get a perpetual license then you have to buy every version! So if you’re on a pre-CS5 version and expect to move to CS6 you’d better upgrade now while they are giving discounts or you’ll be sorry. I would be a nice touch if they’d warn everyone about this with an email but they may not.


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14 Responses to “Beware: Adobe Is Changing Their Upgrade Pricing For CS6”

  • Looks like Adobe is demonstrating the same corporate insight as the CEO of Netflix. Increase profitability by ratcheting up the eligibility. Unfortunately they don’t have the level of competition that Netflix had so unlikely to see consumers abandoning in droves. Microsoft actually went the other way, abandoning “upgrades” and reducing prices on full versions (plus targeted versions). It really doesn’t hurt if you skip a version or two, and may be beneficial as the price is averaged out over the years. It may be the same with Adobe’s new pricing policy if it holds. For those CS/2 or 3 users typically upgrading on that cycle, it may be cheaper to pay full than than upgrading with every version.

    Cheaper still would be to take a ______ (fill in the blank) class a community college and load the boat on student discounted software. I think I need a refresher French class.

  • I am still on CS3 and really, see no need to upgrade. I bought cs5 for my wife’s computers – and other than move a bunch a stuff around – for my workflow, cs5 was no better than 3

    btw – acedemicsuperstore is still the best place to get the suites – if you have a kid in school u usually qualify. and with the amount of discount, it would even be worth it to enroll in a comm college course just to qualify

  • I only need Photoshop on 10% of my retouching work, and typically it’s stuff that’s been in existance for a long time on Photoshop. Plus, I never have the time to learn all the new “fancy” tools on each upgrade.

  • Thanks for the heads up. Definitely good to be aware. I just upgraded from CS3, which is certainly capable, but 5.5 has nice improvements that speed up workflow and function.

    As far as student licenses go, I’m pretty sure the fine print requires proof of full time enrollment. Community college or otherwise will be far more $ than the upgrade price.

  • There is a pretty “Heavy Hitter” on our side though.
    Scott Kelby is going to bat for us. Read his open letter here:

  • Wow. I purchased CS4 at full price. Now I have to purchase an upgrade to CS5.5 (that I don’t want), just so I can purchase CS6 at a discount when it comes out? Wow, way to show your appreciation to your customers, Adobe. Nice one.

    Thanks for posting that link, Bob. Hopefully Kelby’s letter will carry enough weight to make Adobe see sense.

  • I’m still using CS3 and can’t really imagine any new features of a new edition of photoshop being beneficial to me and my workflow – what has changed?

  • I’m not suggesting you need to upgrade. I just know there are may folks out there that that upgrade to the latest version of CSx every few years and warning that that appears to be over. Adobe is trying to push professional design people to their monthly licensing scheme.

    Frankly, I think this is a BIG mistake on Adobe’s part. It’s difficult to understand their thinking.

  • I heard they have been considering a different pricing model altogether. Monthly subscription.

  • Duh…I guess I should have read the entire news point.

  • Mike, Content Aware Fill can be a major time saver. Also, I find the improved Refine Mask controls to be quite useful. These things alone made it worth it to me to upgrade from PS CS4. And, if you don’t already have Lightroom 3, the noise reduction of the current Camera Raw is vastly improved, and the current ACR (and Photoshop itself) also has the new lens correction profiles.

  • Yes, content aware fill looked like a real time saver when it came out. I just couldn’t justify upgrading from CS4 for that feature alone. I figured I’d wait for CS6. Looks like Adobe doesn’t like that way of thinking anymore.

  • What concerns me is starting with Ver 6 the version cycle will become 1 year, instead if 18 months. I only mention this because Adobe is also trying for software subscription. Which would indicate Adobe’s plan is to get 400-700 a year from ALL it’s users.

  • I have been using Photoshop since v3.4 and upgraded with each version exept v6. I’m on CS5 now and I see no reason to ever give Adobe anymore money for it. Who knows, they may start doing this for Lightroom too!

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