Video on An Agents About Page Can Add A Personal Touch To The Site

November 15th, 2011

Yesterday I added a little introduction video to the PFRE blog (right up there in the center below the header image)  because I feel like I should be eating my own dog food in the area of video. Please be easy on me, I did a lot of practicing, a lot of takes and as I was telling Malia Campbell, I still need a make-up artist and a hair dresser. My goal is to improve significantly at this in the future.

Long time PFRE blog reader and flickr group participant Charlie Dresen who is a Realtor in Steamboat Springs, CO that shoots his own stills and video noticed my video and pointed out that he is just starting to do a regular weekly video market update on his site. I’d not seen Charlie’s site recently but I think it looks great! He already makes outstanding use of stills and video.But having a regular weekly market up date will add a lot of depth to his site.

More and more agents are going to be doing this kind of thing because having video on an agents site really adds to the personal connection you can make with the agent and for agents this is a huge factor. When people are looking for an agent to work with they are looking for someone they can connect with personally. And frankly doing video is getting easier and easier.

Charlie is clearly a early adopter. He came to our first and only PFRE workshop in Seattle in April of 2008. Only a handful of agents are able to do this on their own like Charlie is doing. I think a great product for real estate videographers would be a product to provide consultation, help and advice to agents that want to do video for an about page or help them get up and running so they can do more of it themselves. Hell, I could use that too!

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3 Responses to “Video on An Agents About Page Can Add A Personal Touch To The Site”

  • Larry, The new intro video is great. Nice Job.

  • Rest assured it is not easy making your own welcome video. The trick is to start and update as you improve. Maybe the facebook moto, is a good one (done is better than perfect)

  • Larry the video is great because we can put a voice and face to your words! Hey your verticals were off…LOL Just kidding. You are inspiring me!

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