Use Video To Market Your Real Estate Photography: An Example By Mike Kelley

November 9th, 2011

Mike Kelley just sent me a link to his new video that he’s going to use using on his site to promote his work.

I think this is a very effective video that shows off Mike’s technique, the high-end equipment he uses and it has a very personal feel yet it is short and simple. The more you can build your face and personality into your brand the better. I look at at a lot of real estate photographers websites and I’m struck with how few of them even feature a photo of the photographer’s smiling face, let alone a short video. Great idea Mike!

As I told Mike, I only have one criticism of the video. I would really like to see the finished image for a few seconds at the end of the video right around where Mike says, “it’s satisfying to create one remarkable image”. Mike says they considered that but decided not to.

So here is the final image that Mike is creating in the video.

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9 Responses to “Use Video To Market Your Real Estate Photography: An Example By Mike Kelley”

  • Cool video Mike.
    What works great for “making off” videos is the use of time lapse clips and than in the end the final image, which is just gorgeous btw.
    But I think you prefer the DSLR prime lens focus pulls kinda video to show your face and gear instead of just a technique video. Emotion. Good job.

  • I love these btw videos. I do wonder how much the people that hire us watch them? Also this video brings up another topic we as professional photographers need to address. The use of copyrighted music in videos we produce. The music they use in this video works perfectly but I’m willing to bet they didn’t license it ( I don’t know). Music can make these kind of promo videos so much more finished and entertaining.
    However these videos are extensions of our brand and business and in most cases, when pop music is used, it’s a violation of copyright if a license is not secured. I think it’s interesting how so many of us as photographers are interested in protecting our own copyright but think nothing of just violating another professionals copyright. I really hope there is a middle ground somewhere with this. I would love to see major record labels start to offer cheap licensing for this type of use. I would gladly pay $100 to legally use music in promo videos. What do you guys think?


  • I like the idea, but I too would concentrate more on the gear used and at the end finish with a example. Good idea, just think it would need to be tweaked to work for real estate photography.
    As to Dave’s note, I agree and in fact this forum has addressed the subject of music before and come up with some locations to get royalty free music. As to paying the record labels, good luck, I’ve looked into it and you need to add another zero before they will even talk to you and that is assuming they will. That industry is so far behind the ball, just like the movie industry in allowing use that it encourages piracy. Good luck


  • Dave – I don’t know him but Peter Donagy seems to be pretty professional and I would very seriously doubt that he would be using unlicensed music in his work. It’s weird to me that you would assume he and others are violating copyrights. There are tons of sites that allow videographers and film makers to legally license all genres of music. I think before you start making public assertions you should probably check with the source.

  • I clearly stated I didn’t know but I did assume because I know the artist and they are a big national name. The label is an independent label but Bon Ivor and their label are big enough that I highly doubt they allow free commercial use of their music. I could be wrong but again I highly doubt it. Maybe they have connection. Also I was hoping to bring up the issue in a general sense. I didn’t want to point a finger at Mike or Peter. I see A LOT of photographers nationally using music illegally in promo (commercial) videos. I’m talking about using music from major artists and labels. I bet 7 out of every 10 wedding photographer is using music from major record labels without a license. It is nearly impossible to get a license to use major label music in promo videos. Trust me I’ve tried. I’ve even got turned down from free music sights , like Moby’s gratias site because they consider these Behind the scenes and promo videos commercial uses. Maybe Mike or Peter could weigh in and let us know if they got a license and how they got it.

  • I think this is a great idea, and I can tell you that clients *do* watch them. Second-biggest gig I ever got (earlier this year) was handed to me in part because of a BTS video on my blog. Client mentioned it specifically as a deciding factor. I assume it’s because I’m devastatingly good-looking.

  • An awesome example of how to do modern marketing for a photographer and the comments are focused on outdated and broken copyright laws. Very unfortunate.

    I think this is exactly the type of video that could get a RE/Locations photographer a LOT of business if used correctly.

  • Thanks for the comments guys, especially Scott and Matt – hopefully this gets me some gigs. The intent was to show a little personality on my site, to show how I work, to show that I’m having a good time, etc etc.

    As far as the music goes, you’ll have to ask Pete – he’s the one who put it all together. So I can’t really comment on that. I will say that I again agree with Matt about the outdatedness. Sad, really.

  • Your personality does come through and it looks like you are really enjoying yourself. While watching, I was amazed at how calm and cool you were while shooting. Had the same reaction as Larry – wanted to see the final shot at the end of the video. But after thinking about it, maybe the better marketing approach is to withold it. It’s interesting and well done.

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