Adobe Lightroom 3 Available At Amazon for $149 Through Nov 12

November 7th, 2011

I just noticed that Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 is currently available at Amazon for $149. Apparently this is a special deal through November 12 (Sat). If you’ve been thinking about picking up Lightroom this would be a good time.

For real estate photography you can do almost everything you need to do in Lightroom. Some do everything including cloning and window masking in Lightroom 3 but I’m still old fashion and take a trip out to Photoshop for cloning and window masking.

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4 Responses to “Adobe Lightroom 3 Available At Amazon for $149 Through Nov 12”

  • Dang – that’s a great price for a great product. Normally $299. I’d have to say that I feel Lightroom is more valuable tool than Photoshop for real estate photo editing.

  • Lightroom a more valuable tool than Photoshop for real estate photo editing? I wouldn’t say that is necessarily so. It may be more cost effective for those who will only be doing budget real estate photography, or are really good at getting it pretty much all done in camera using supplementary lighting. However, Photoshop Adobe Camera Raw has all of the RAW processing features that Lightroom has, and Photoshop is a vastly more powerful tool than Lightroom for retouching and selectively controlling different parts of an image. I use Lightroom heavily, along with Photoshop, but I would choose Photoshop over Lightroom if I could only choose one.

  • Note. At two recent all day seminars one by kelby and one by Dan cristianson both indicated new versions of Lightroom may be on the very near horizon. Therefore one can conclude that if you by now you may not have the ability to upgrade at a lower price and will have to buy version 4 at the list price less any discounts you might locate. This is not fact but rumor but both are good sources. Personally I would wait until the last possible date to buy if you don’t own already. However if you need it then for sure this is a good price

  • Hi All,

    I’m thinking about picking this up for use with the enfuse plugin. Would this give me better looking images than using photomatix and or streamline my workflow process? Certainly can’t argue with the price.

    ~ Dave

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