A Creative Property Video By Halstead Property in New York City

November 4th, 2011

Fred Light pointed this property video out in the PFRE Video flickr group yesterday. It’s an example of a very creative property video by Halstead Property in NYC. Really nicely done. Halstead Property appears to understand the use of video in property marketing.

This is their listing page on their broker website. Those of you interested in seeing how Halstead is using their video to market this listing you can google “207 West 98th Street, Apt. 1BCto see what sites they have syndicated this listing to. It’s on and and many local NYC sites. It appears that they have chosen to just post the video just on their broker site ( and YouTube and then put a link back to the broker site in the and listing.

The two things I’d suggest they do differently is to make the link text ( of the YouTube video description and actual link instead of just text and to put a link directly to the YouTube video in both the listing and the listing.


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14 Responses to “A Creative Property Video By Halstead Property in New York City”

  • Very nicely done!!!

  • Absolutely “engaging”. I not only saw the neighborhood and some quality interior views with the extensive list of features but I also got to know the realtor.
    That was a successful video ! Well done.

  • Very well planned out and executed. Love the double takes of the realtor.. a lot of work went into this! Might be a little long for a lot of attention spans but I enjoyed it!

  • Yep, I like it too. Engaging and I watched the entire video. Audio was well done – which is key. Showed the home well too.

  • Original concept for a real estate video and the productive value was right up there… I felt the ‘acting’ didn’t get in the way of me really getting a feel for the property, as is the case with a lot of videos that try to merge lifestyle or a story line with what is typically an informational presentation.

  • Haha, i really like this one, made me laugh. Well done!

  • Outstanding, original, effective, unpretentious, one of the best real estate videos I have seen in a while. I hope we get to see more of this kind of video from Halstead.

  • I’m an agent for Halstead and a friend brought this to my attention. Yes, our company understands the importance of marketing in video. I’ve taken that to the next level by adding the Halstead videos of me and my properties to my own YouTube channel where I’ve added others I made and will be continuing to make:

  • I don’t know…. the guy kind of gets on my nerves. I’m seeing a little too much of him and not enough of the property. I think his antics are overdone and distracting. I realize the producer has developed a storyline around this but it could have been done very effectively with a lot less of the realtor and more of the property. It just didn’t work for me.

  • Does anyone know how to do those dolly shots where you get 3D pesrpective while panning?

  • Very nicely done…engaging, creative….and humorous. I like it a lot!

  • Genius. Respect. Perfect comedic timing. Awesome to see this stuff. Enjoy watching every second.

  • Awesome video. Really liked how it was put together and looks like a super pricey little place that kind of fits the old school detective story.

  • @Davis – Re: Does anyone know how to do those dolly shots where you get 3D pesrpective while panning?

    Are you referring to a slider?

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